Who benefits terror Russian officers?

Who benefits terror Russian officers?

Start building the officer corps of the Russian Federation, as well as a permanent Russian Army conducts its own countdown to the reign of Peter the Great. The main right and duty officer Peter was to serve not only the king, and patronymic.

The traditions of the officer corps formed over centuries. From generation to generation by the ideas, customs, behaviors, and spiritual values. All thoughts of the officers were subordinate to his motherland. Although each generation of officers viewed the decision itself, what values it accepts or not, Russian officers, worthy of its own receivers Protz, were the pride, hope, glory, and the support of the country.

And the more painful for the moment to realize that the officer corps was the first target for destruction.

Treacherous attack on the army came in the first Chechen war. By this time the "reform" of the armed forces of the Russian Federation has resulted in virtually complete loss of combat effectiveness of the army. Yet the officers and soldiers of the staunchly maintained hard and bloody fight in the Caucasus against highly-trained and armed militias and mercenaries. Not many people understand that the army Dudayev, defending Stern, a couple of times outnumbered connections Russian troops stormed the city. South American spices, analyzing the entire course of the military operation in harsh, came to the conclusion that the U.S. Army could not withstand even a week of fierce fighting.

But the officers (another Russian school) and neobstrelyannye boys stood in the massacre. They even have not understood exactly what their deed was rescued from the collapse of Russia. This is the toughest criteria they destroyed gangs. And as before the victory was only one step — followed by a truce.

The treacherous truce that allowed the gangs to recover their strength and fill the ranks. Officers with bitterness were that as impossible to buy them, sell them (read — thrown). Traitors who signed shameful truce and betrayed those who died, performing its own duty, history and our descendants will still give your rating.

Awards of the Russian army in the successful winding up in the second Chechen bandits were immediately forgotten how it happened one more "pacification" of Chechnya.

In order to read more of these dirty tricks and treachery were kept secret, began hunting for officers, whose reputation was rightly deserved.

Among them Colonel Yuri Budanov. Track list of colonel confirms not only its highest training, and that officer life worthy of serving their own homeland. In the Russian time he served first in Hungary, then in Belarus. After the collapse of the Soviet Union served in the Trans-Baikal region, where he held the position of company commander to commander of a tank regiment. Participated in 2-Chechen campaigns to destroy the armed groups. Thanks to the experience and fatherly towards the soldiers regiment Budanov virtually lossless waged war in Chechnya, although he received three concussions. He never fought a war against civilians in Chechnya. Why exactly is on Budanov be hunted?

On the combat officer and a specialist can judge a man by his actions.

On account of the rescue of Colonel Budanov commandos were surrounded during the first Chechen counterterrorism campaign. As a result of betrayal scouts were in a hopeless position: ammunition for the finals, the inability to evacuate the air method (non-flying weather for helicopters). Budanov took the commandos on the armor of their own tanks out of this trap.

In the second group on counterterrorism chief of staff Alexander Kvashnina accompanied by his officers and was assassinated during his inspection visit to Chechnya. The fact that a helicopter landed were fired from a well-equipped fire ATGM point confirms that the militants were well informed about the place of landing the top military control of the Russian army. As a result, the attack destroyed two helicopters, killing two pilots and special forces. At the conclusion of professionals shooting master of its own affairs, such sniper unit.

A few months later a similar fire from ATGM repeated. A group of fighters, sitting at a distance of 4 km from the location of the regiment, led bombardment of the area. Since the available in service of T-62 tanks on the technical features of the sighting could not hit their firing point, the bandits were not afraid of retaliation. Budanov was enough to make a single shot from the gun of the T-62 to kill militants and their rocket launchers. It is possible that these were specifically those gangsters who shot dead earlier helicopters genshtabovtsami.

In January 2000, the regiment was raided Budanov television crew NTVshniki. They persuaded the colonel to make a good shot: Tipo gun shoot at the base of the militants, although the shooting was in the mountains, where there was not the 1st settlement or village. As a result, in the New Year the whole country saw the colonel, who is encouraging congratulated all a Merry Christmas and a commentator said that the firing is conducted on the peaceful aul, and in the end it was concluded that there differences in the psychological state of Budanov. So Makarov, public opinion to the craziness of Budanov was expertly prepared.

And that Budanov made a fatal mistake for him, blame and organized harassment officer, and his wholehearted pain for the dead soldiers.

Painstakingly planned another provocation failed its performers. And while the bases were chosen deliberately — day my daughter was born colonel. Many people know that in this day Budanov drinking and drunk people lose caution. Specifically, in this day Colonel whispered that his fighters shoots Kungaeva. Budanov brought Kungaeva on the terrain piece. According Budanov woman behaved provocatively, confirmed that specifically she sniper and specifically it destroys Russian fighter, and threatened to destroy the daughter of an officer, which knows everything. The colonel did not keep his own rage, fear for loved ones — he strangled Kungaeva. Specifically, that was the disastrous mistake of Yuri Budanov. He should not have without the help of others to deal with Kungaeva, and give it to special units dealing with insurgents — then it would be a provocation failed.

It is possible that Kungaeva was a sniper in her puzzle with respect to the colonel, was to provoke a beating, so later with a black eye to talk about beating (maybe, and violence) by the Russian officer. But eventually Budanov given a court-martial, Kungaeva buried, and her wealthy father lives in Norway.

A fascinating detail: the father of Elsa Kungaeva never been on the grave of his daughter, the Norwegian authorities have identified a former Russian citizen Kungaeva and his family three-storey house, issued kazhdomesyachnye foreign currency payments. To believe in such an act of the Norwegian authorities can, just knowing that the initiator of relocation and destination state support made some "human rights" organization "Helsinki Group", which significantly clear that it is a terrorist organization.

The fact that many states spetsluzhby intensively working in the North Caucasus, fairly clear. Their purpose — to separate the Caucasus from Russia. And in this undeclared war killed the officers who are at the forefront of this struggle. They are worthy, that of their heroism knew the Russians — is Col. GRU Zuriko Ivanov, GRU Major Yuri Ivanov, General Lev Rokhlin, Euge
ne Rodionov, commander Mark Evtyuhin, Col. Vladimir Naumov.

Yuri Budanov had to go through the seven circles of hell — a couple of years went on trial. B. The arbitrator Boukreev, which made the Colonel's conviction was later convicted of fraud. Colonel Yuri Budanov himself died in Moscow assassinated. He always was and will be a Russian officer, a worthy member of Russian officer corps.

Reform of the army continues. Its result is already visible. Prof. military personnel leave the army because of low salaries, lack of housing, poor living conditions. Substantially reduced the number of military educational institutions, which will soon result in the loss of maneuverability armed forces of the Russian Federation. Equip the army with new types of weapons are painfully slowly. The decision of the management of the Ministry of Defense procurement of weapons zabugornogo standard eliminates the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation itself.

Our country has always had the best martial arts school.

And does not ask for confirmation of the fact that the only battle- army, curb new weapons and having Prof. officer corps, a guarantee of the independence of Russia.

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