Who grins, bin Ladens skull?

Who grins, "bin Laden's skull?"Decade since the terrorist attacks in the United States September 11, 2001 — a good occasion to reflect on the lessons and consequences of the events and for the United States and for the world. The "war on terrorism" declared by then, George W. Bush, in recent years, not only has not ended, and acquired a qualitatively new character. If the U.S. and NATO started in 2001, a military operation against the Taliban in Afghanistan could still be a stretch to assume the answer the forces of terrorism, the following acts shall be the West without already having nothing to do with the pursuit of terrorists, nor to the operations of retaliation, got hold of the distinct shape of the struggle for a new redivision of the world — the struggle to which terrorist organizations reincarnated opponents of the North Atlantic in the West of its key allies.

Exactly to the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of U.S. and NATO reported about another military victory — the capture of Tripoli, the Libyan opposition. NATO spokesman Colonel Roland Lavoie welcomed the decision by Libya's National Transitional Council "to transfer decision-making centers in the capital." And in Washington have not forgotten to do demonstrative gestures toward neighboring Libya. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland highlighted: Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria are working hard to resolve the Libyan conflict-related problems "for many months, and we have worked closely together with them, and they continue to work with the UN on issues of border control and refugees."

But the emperor Lavoie, and Ms. Nuland obviously ashamed to greet the head ally of the West in the Libyan campaign — "Al-Qaeda". Meanwhile, this is the organization it has become a true triumph in the face of united in 2007, "the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" and "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb." The representative of the merged group Abdel Hakim Belhadj commanded troops storming the capital of the rebels, and then was appointed head of the Military Council of Tripoli. On a recognition of the activists, "the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group," in recent years, they were closely interacting with "Al-Qaeda", although it was considered the ideas of Osama bin Laden does not fully close to reality, more tending to a favorite movement "Taliban" Mullah Omar.

According to the UN, "the Libyan Islamic Fighting group"Connected with the Algerian and Moroccan Islamists, including the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Casablanca in 2003, aimed against the people of Western countries. This organization is a direct danger of Western and Southern Europe. It has a vast network of cells in Spain, Italy and France. And the actual arrival of its people to the authorities in Libya will allow terrorists to dictate terms to international organizations who are going to be engaged in post-war reconstruction of the country. In addition, to carry out previously by the CIA and Al-Qaeda secret joint operations suggest that the U.S. will try to use Belhadj and his associates in the new subversive operations in the area of "Greater Near East", including Syria and Iran.

Bitter drama of fate at a time when militants Belhadj, acting on behalf of the National Transitional Council of Libya, "shifting the center of decision-making in the capital", in adjacent Algeria politicians and diplomats thrashed the alarm about the growing terrorist threat. The participants at the conference by representatives of the North African region, as the UN and other international organizations noted the existence of "new threats to security in the Sahel and Sahara have seemed in the end of the armed conflict in Libya, which led to the activation of Appeal guns and movements of human flows in the region." According to the professionals, "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" in the current time is valid over a wide area of 8 million square kilometers, the area spanned not only Algeria and Morocco, and Niger, Mali and Mauritania. According to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali Sumeylu diamonds, there is a real danger that the whole area Sahel spanned countries like Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and Eritrea, "will be a war zone." A similar warning was made by his colleague from Niger Mohamed Bazum. He said that "the effects of the crisis in Libya for the African Sahel and Sahara are beginning to become tangible with the arrival in the region of armed men, guns and mc, who were involved in the Libyan conflict." "Being of the people in the African Sahel and Sahara can most severely aggravate the security situation" — warned the Minister of Niger.

Even coordinating efforts to combat terrorism within the framework of the Euro Union Gilles de Kerhe was obliged to admit that the chaos in Libya provided "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb," I'll give access to new weapons, including "missiles" ground-to-air ", which is a exceptional danger. "

With such a "struggle against terrorism" Europeans still waiting for new terrorist attacks. And at the same time — to disentangle another mess, brewed by South American "fighters against terrorism" — in Kosovo. After another first in 1998, when the Kosovo conflict has raged in Washington did not have a presentation about the values of the United States in this Serbian province, then-President Bill Clinton's special envoy to the Balkans Robert Gelbard publicly stated that "Kosovo Liberation Army", "no questions asked is a terrorist group. " But later in the same year, a few months before the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, the State Department ruled the KLA from the list of terrorist groups, and the South American intelligence agencies have established close cooperation with it. France under pressure from the U.S. and the UK also deleted the KLA from its own terrorist list by the end of 1998 [. As reported in May 1999, "Washington Times", despite the fact that the KLA "funding the war through the implementation of heroin," and its members "were terrorists in 1998", — "Now, because of political considerations, they are fighters for freedom. "

"The story of how the action movie" Al-Qaeda "has become a major Libyan commander in the war-torn Tripoli, probably shake (again) is the kingdom of crooked mirrors, called" war on terror ", also compromise painstakingly developed by NATO propaganda about" humanitarian " intervention Libya"- Writes the Hong Kong edition AsiaTimes. — Since September 11, 10 years have passed. And at the moment difficult to imagine how the grins from the bottom of the Arabian Sea some semi-decomposed skull, peering into the future "…. Sure.

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