Who in fact have the U.S.?

Who really need the U.S.?The total municipal debt of the United States in April 2011, has already significantly above 14 trillion dollars — is unrealistic tremendous amount. It should be noted that as soon as he grew up just a record pace, which is justified by high costs of this country. For example, in 2008, the U.S. was to "only" 10 trillion dollars, and in 2000 — a mere trifle: no measly 5 trillion 600 billion greenbacks. It turns out that in less than 11 years of cash lump in the throat of the American economy grew almost 3 times.

One can endlessly speculate about the reasons for which the stately country got into such majestic debts. This is the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the consequences of natural disasters, such as factors as debt service. It also costs money. So right, and is seen as people in white dressing gown and sterile gloves bring to it hundreds of different dishes and drinks, fulfilling every whim. So painstaking care is noticed by the end of 2014 the municipal debt could grow to 24 trillion dollars.

There is no doubt that this situation will not be anything decent. Right at the sight of the currency depreciates rapidly, and Americans climb in new debt. But most experienced economists have long been alarmed by one thing: Never dollar is not worth as cheap as at the time of his return. Maybe weak currency and causes fear in people whose savings quickly depreciate. In ordinary people, but not the industrialists, the weaker Bucks, the more product they can realize their zabugornom partners.

For the first time Americans have experienced culture shock when they arrived in Europe in 2006, the year, and were required to take a cup of coffee for 3 bucks (or 2 euros). To them it looked weird.

It should not be forgotten that the single currency itself was created only in contrast to buck a couple of times and was lying on the blades, weighed down by the actions of experienced financiers Stars and Stripes. And only the "accidental" political action helped restore the balance in the economy, returning all full circle. Bucks became cheaper, and rattled the heart Russians, so why Americans outside a measured?

Who really need the U.S.?

Must have set for yourself?

The Ministry of money the U.S. has published a chart that shows all of the lenders carefully country. 7.5% of municipal debt owned by China. So Makar, Celestial not only sponsors States: it has become for them a typical patron. On the other hand, the U.S. is the main market for Chinese products. It turns out that they get the equipment, clothes, shoes, food and other pleasures of life in debt?
6.4% of the debt belongs to the devastated land of the rising sun, which currently lies in ruins and calculates losses from the tragedy at the nuclear plant. It's simple: imports of high technology, which involved U.S., involves very highest costs. But they more than pay off thanks to their proper use and resale to third parties (in this case — to third countries).

3.4% of the national debt took over the Old World, and 1.3% — Brazil. So Makar, the old comrades of the Stars and Stripes will never abandon the failure of his own head and stretched his opponent's hand in a heavy moment.

Another 11.6% of the amount of U.S. debt to the mystical all other civilizations of the world. Then there is the South American and European funds, as Russian billion, of which a common difficulty is not never enough (a lot of 10-s billion dollars). It turns out that a total of about 20% of America lends to the whole world. Only one fifth part of the debt obligations taken outside. But because of the total is less than three trillion. A lot, of course, but not fatal. Who will be in effect this majestic power?

Who really need the U.S.?

We study the chart and find the most interesting!

Civilian service of the U.S. pension fund "borrowed" Yankees 6% of the national debt! And that, nothing less than, 840 billion dollars! (As of April 25, 2011).

U.S. Social Security Fund (Social Security Trust Fund) has taken up about 18 percent of the debt obligations. Some other "little things" — oil exporters and the Pension Fund. It turns out a little more than 50 per cent of municipal debt. Where other means?

Warning: 42.2% of its duties the United States have a personal individuals and organizations to the U.S.! It turns out that they are taking a loan from ourselves. Similarly, the method of Baron Munchausen himself took out of the swamp in the eponymous novel. The subsequent chain of debts (who have the same "individuals" and "institutions") Ministry of money does not, but it's not hard to calculate.

Good turn deserves another?

And it's simple. Well, the Chinese will be asked to return them to the Celestial billion, while the United States and return. It will take most of these mysterious US Individuals and Institutions. And they will be in the structure of the public debt of at 42.2%, and say, 58.3. Or 36.6%. Who cares how much? They went out and brought money, went out and brought! Here we are just going to do with these beautiful pieces of paper?

The phenomenon of this situation is that economic growth nebezgranichen. U.S. national debt has increased in proportion to GDP, in other words, long gone hand in hand. And somewhere in the year 2008 (in the wake of the financial and economic crisis) the reins of this monster have been overlooked. Debt began to gallop a gallop, forcing States to take on more and more debt.

What will happen to Russia if the dollar falls?

It's a tough question, taking into account that the Russian economy has an open raw orientation. For petrodollars we have to get food, technology, clothes, and yachts, cars and truffle (it can allow yourself to come). Because the sudden collapse of Russia will buck fever as if shaken out of her soul. Some citizens have long not able to deny themselves pleasure to dine truffles on his yacht, means these resources will need to find somewhere.

We'll have to devalue the ruble, squeezing the last drop out of the population. This is a very gloomy scenario, against which the destruction of the USSR seem safe flash mob.

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