Who is a fagot?

Dummy — widely known folk character and at the same time insulting nickname that we sometimes in the hearts of his chief reward, regardless of gender. Kikimora marsh called unprepared students with lessons our class teacher.

Now, few of us will be able to answer a simple question:

"And who is this fagot?"

Tradition says that cursing children carried off evil spirits in their possession immediately after they were born, where, exactly seven weeks they are called dummy. In a frail woman turns and unbaptized babies. Growing up, they again returned to the village pakostnichat, terrify the people.

Dummy — a bright representative of the evil of evil spirits, invisible simple layman. According to popular belief, is represented as a dummy unkempt elderly women with a hump and tangled hair in tatters. Frail, thin, small head, chicken legs — so he portrait typical frights.

Dummy leads exclusively nocturnal, and during the day quietly slept behind the stove after evening mischief.

Dummy — a lover of outrages and to direct noise: rattling pots, food spoils, beats and stabs the dishes, confuses yarn and may even stifle the hosts. And get more of the hostess, she is indifferent to men. Well, if dummy touched sewing, the shirt will not be ready soon. Knock, and it will have a woman spindles dissolve and re-start spinning. From shirts frights not wait — folk wisdom, as always, right!

Settles it not only in villages but also cities. For example, in Perm even existed "House frights", which was built of stone, mined from the cemetery.

Although, not all places dummy is "negative hero". In some villages and hamlets believed dummy brings home the well-being if the hostess industrious, and if the woman lazy and sluggishness, expect trouble. Such women dummy harm in all ways.

As she enters the house?

Most often, it sits next to the house of potters or carpenters, home owners who have had the money or just want to harm the family. Here's a way to revenge and debt requirements.

How to get rid of this evil?

First of all, to establish relationships with the people who fill it: give money, invite the guests, fed a delicious lunch. And look carefully figure out splinters and rags, symbolizing dummy that left you builders.

To get rid of frights put the house under the furnace hearth tuft of camel wool or fleece with incense inside. Escorted her out of the house, you can use the prayers and holy water. But more often try to appease Kikimora, please her. It is believed that fagot loves ferns, and if the evil spirit starts to run amok, the owners have to wash the floors infusion of this plant, hoping that will be a good dummy to the household.

By following some of the rules, you can protect yourself from the evil influence of the old woman, for example, yarn, sewing not to leave without a blessing and to wear around the neck "chicken god" — stone-amulet with a natural hole.

Why is she marsh?

Dummy, which has had a cozy cottage on the marsh was called the Swamp. She is a married lady (wood spirit in her husband) and often referred to as leshachiha. Eared hobgoblin misbehave even more intruding into people's homes, abducted young children and their place in the cradle left log. Wet footprints on the floor — testified to come to the house of evil spirits.

I hope that frights antics have no place in your home and see her, you can only Kirov on Kikimorskoy mountain, where it serves tourist brand.

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