Who needs an education?

Who needs an education?Last week, in almost all the towns of the Russian Federation held actions against the reforms by which the Russian education are trying to turn upside down. On the area of Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Yaroslavl and other regional and regional centers out teachers, representatives of student organizations and parent committees to convey to the government its own promise. But this promise was simple: to draw attention of those in power to ensure that the education system, folding a lot of 10-s years and gave rise to a whole galaxy of amazing scientists, generals, astronauts, actors and representatives of other spheres, have decided to reincarnate in a pitiful semblance of the educational paradigm, which takes place in the West.

If even 25-30 years ago, the education system has been designed to prepare professionals who are needed for the country, but now the multi-million dollar military machine become unemployed graduates with excellent diploma. The modern education system is structured in such a makarom that young people do not explain the purposes for which they receive one or another education. And for what? .. The main thing — to attach the sign to the building of a sparkling and add more words like "innovative", "Academy", "international and scientific." Merchandising and seeps into the formation, and therefore if there are standing two similar buildings, one of which will write "College" and the other "Innovative International Academy," that people "bite" specifically for the second sign. Therefore is there we are universities that prepare professionals for extraterrestrial civilizations, the occult, white and dark magic, and others who, no doubt, will work for the good of the country.

In addition, the Russian strategy involves the formation of not getting a whole complex of knowledge, because those educational standards that fall into the modern educational institutions are no different and systematic study of. Even while studying in a secondary school teacher can ask pupils to exercise for a specific discipline to engage in the textbook 1st creator. It turns out that many of the themes are traversed twice, and some not even considered. There are also situations where the creators of the various manuals almost contradict each other. Particularly difficult situation with the humanities. In the pursuit of profit publishers can release a printing press is the same textbook in a variety of covers by writing the word "revised edition". Here, as if by a magic wand, to educational institutions directive comes the need to learn specifically for Just published textbook.

Troubles with textbooks, unfortunately, more than a year, but the solution to this problem is not expected. But education and further without a specific base, continues to reform. Unhappy Bologna system already gets to military schools, and even to universities associated with the arts.

Instead of trained military professionals who in former times to really get in store a wide knowledge and skills now will prepare "uzkonapravlentsy." Specifically, such a system already exists for many years in the West. It turns out that the cadet, which studied at the school of missile troops, not counting device ballistic missiles nothing else to know it should not. Why is it able to operate a mobile unit to start, because this is other specials. And it turns out like Arkady Raikin one sews a button, the other — a sleeve to a codpiece, and ultimately find the perpetrator does not seem likely.

If the knowledge to monitor the current graduates, it has been a tremendous decline in the properties of these same knowledge in comparison to the fact that graduates showed a further 20-30 years ago. Of the "inflated" ratings were at all times, but now it's got a really short of phenomenal. Due to lack of studying Vuzovsky desks were even those who previously would continue to protehuchilischa not allowed. These "experts" are truant for months, but over the management of the school (college, university), in the case of such payments once the student hanging sword of Damocles, which called capitation funding. To paraphrase a well-known expression, we can say there is a person — have the means, no man — no money. A means to detain the student (students) must by all means, that suddenly decreased financial support for the educational institution. With all of this to him (the student), and unsatisfactory ratings can not be set, because brand new system of education states that the teacher poses a deuce for himself — not taught, they say, Mitrofanushka — means your problem. Students understand that they are truly unpunished, that provokes anger and licentiousness.

Already at this point in almost all the media there is information that the Russian education reform — is nothing else as an attempt to degeneration of the Russian civilization. Maybe someone these words seem more imaginary or exaggerated, but, in fact, the way it is. Disempowerment of teachers generates indifference to education by the students. Mobile phone with access to the Web replaces lecture hours of virtual contacts jostle normal communication. Any work (report, term paper, thesis, master's, doctoral), you can download or order. One gets the impression that in our country there is a generation of people who are convinced that the very education is the ability to find material in the Global Network, hastily printed, throw on the table, the teacher and get an estimate. Later such experts, often with a "different" certificates and diplomas, meet us with you in the clinics, lead planes, ships built gallakticheskie. And what an engineer to know arithmetic, because there is computer programs from the fact — they decide to fly the satellite or where to put the bridge support … Only now are increasingly involved in failures of such pseudo-experts have calculated is human lives or billion from taxpayers.

With each passing year it becomes more and more evident that for those people who come up with these reforms are needed not the person, and the weight or should I say uncomplaining herd. Personality fact may realize that in actual fact occur, but rather to throw the idea of weight, and it will go anywhere and on anything. Cultivated thinking slaves who must blindly trust the owner's property. And if in Russian while the school itself, despite all the "covenants" and "learning", tried to prevent the reincarnation prototype dressed in prototype-minded students, now the school fosters a truly grayish mass.

It seems that the reform of Russian education Homo Homo Sapiens'ov do Indifferentus'ov, capturing the most nasty notes from abroad.

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