Who often profitable to pour black and dirty in the souls of Russians?

Who benefits from regular casting black and dirty in the souls of Russians?I remember the stories my grandmother, out there in the distant 60. Kashchei destroyed in equal fight epic hero, Vasilisa the Beautiful and the fold back; Alenushka rescued by a brave knight on a greyish and good wolf, Ivan, though a fool, but Russian-mother rescued; Three heroes of epic, banged completely the enemy army, Nightingale the Robber No whistles Now the federal highway, Red Flower handed the monster and he became a prince; pies grandmother and granddaughter brought a bold hunters helped them; Pinocchio key opened the door to communism; Chipolino Tomatoes defeated evil; Alenushka brother rescued goats and, eventually, the magic fish all clearly reasoned with his grandfather! Experienced tale, the wisest Protz!

All kids USSR read about a good policeman steppes and Alyosha in the north, were proud of our heroes, tormented soul behind his head Dr. Dowell and empathized with the hard life convict the Chateau d'If. We knew what price we got the victory over fascism, beheld, and heard our glorious veterans of the lessons of courage! Proudly standing on watch Memory memorials majestically Russian war heroes, and realized that they had fallen for our lives!

In fact, what's wrong? Perhaps there are those who will pronounce that the soldiers did not die for the happiness of the kids, not for the freedom of Mother Earth, hearth, family and loved ones?
We lived in a world of politicized world where mental hospitals were not just for the patients, and the dissidents, where they filmed the shoe and thrashed on the podium, where "sounded long, prolonged applause, interrupted by health resorts, and all passed into thunderous applause!" We lugged on the school yard scrap metal and waste paper in the back room! Came with slogans and thrashed the drums! Matthew was a rarity more! Old ladies across the road and passing the seat on the bus gave way!

Oh! How cool it was to go to a rally on May 1, all the terms in the colors and transparencies, by passing trucks with the Kremlin and the blast furnace, the Reds sea of banners, behind bushes men of floors quietly and inconspicuously poured vodka, you're encouraging a needle to burst inflatable balls the girls are developing red ties and sweaty school director yells loudly — "who Politburo?" Music is booming and there, in space, loudly, encouraging and happy people screaming on the team — "Hurrah! Comrades Hurrah!"

What happened, happened and we do not need to repent! Maybe nostalgia? I remember an old wise and funny story where the students before playing the veteran and ask — "Grandpa, and what are your happiest years? I have 37 — 38 — silent shock, such as there were in all the repression! Yes! 've Been on! But I was young, and the girls loved me! "

Differently — different! And at the moment I do not how we stamped at the conceptual pipeline: Oktyabrenok — pioneer — Komsomolets — communist. In general, not very different from today we party "list": — the youth wing — the political council of Seliger — young guard — a single, there is something! The opening of the purity of the soul crosses the 60's to today's day or to cruel realities, so to speak!

1 channel, 2 — that's all the satisfaction ever since, the program "Vremya". Then more and more we are on the "great" chasing, football, sports section ran almost everything!

At the moment a lot of channels, 120-150, many remotes (already quite confused what to press), radio, Web, video, magazines, newspapers, cinemas and theaters, advertising and banners, banners and flyers! In the streets of our cities stroll shaggy Chips and Gail and race with the men, "sandwiches" shoved us into the hands of the leaves. In the mailbox in the middle of proposals for safe-doors and Japanese cuisine hardly find my letter (in general, today's young people, and satisfaction of the letter does not already know, more SMS yes phones).
A solder Russia began even before the "quietest" in the state-owned taverns, the process of trying to stop Lenin, Gorbachev — so do not work! Oh! How proudly say about our miner-tourist trade union in the 80's in Germany, where he was in the restaurant drinking glasses of vodka are not biting, a freebie from the director of the institution, under the admiring gaze of burghers and amazement! In fact, I think that Russia is already accustomed to drinking, according to the WHO, our country has defected limit genetic safety, drinking in the countryside, in the villages of drinking, drinking beer students! But about soldering the people and the income from this topic completely different, though sad! Degradation reales everywhere!

I wish to ask about the moral and ethical drugs, which often bolshennymi doses administered in our media of. Morning of May 18, 2012 — 06.10 in the hands of the board, I eat eggs, drink milk, that's announcements, which bustles me to work for 15 minutes to 8 channels:
1. Near Novosibirsk in the village drunk mom with a drinking companion brutally killed five children, which prevented them from drink and buried in the garden, continued drink.
2. On the outskirts of Yekaterinburg in the open sewer hatches child drowned three years.
3. In the Stavropol region overturned a bus carrying babies, there are casualties.
4. In Moscow pedophile arrested, raped and murdered a child.
5. In Voronezh, struck and killed in a crosswalk mother with a child, the driver fled.
6. In Kemerovo student committed suicide by jumping from a window 10 floors.
I, realizing that the black, negative energy poisons me, change channels, and then she poured all the other channels and poured into me until I turned off the TV set. The flow of the evening went TV series, on primitivism not differ from each other perfectly: fool weep, children stolen, police dogs smarter than the police officers themselves, and one prosecutor all helps! I can imagine how annoyed with quacking of these serials police and prosecutors! These primitive soap operas already spiritually got, like standing in a row on the street — a pharmacy, hair salon, bank and dentistry. Well, well with these banks and pharmacies, let stand a lot and tight, the main thing that was great!

Why is the word on television fifth point has long since been replaced (sorry) on the ass, why obscenity has become commonplace on our television screens evenly laughter became rzhacha? Why eight years our youth brainwashed by "Dom-2", and remember the nightmarish Teletubbies, in which the baton today intercepted Smeshariki — "unknown little animals?"
All this leads to a paucity of thought and a limited vocabulary of supplies kids — "type, uh uh, like that …" It is of course easier to manage the cattle that they lumpen — bread and circuses!

Maybe it's time to analyze the steady stream of negative material on the minds and souls of Russians! To conduct a reconciliation of daily blood and indecency with a "blue screens" To protect people of of encoding "black" channels timeframe after 1 o'clock in the morning — who loves blood, sadism and tupizm — let looks when he's 21 year. Find the color zones permissible mischief sadism, immorality and sex in movies, magazines, and TV — Green code, reddish and

Where there is a question about the purity of civilization and spirituality — not a liberal and tolerant of the dispute about the "true human freedom of expression," we over the years to this filth and scum have already seen enough thanks to the editors who are willing to implement the soul to the devil for rating! We deliberately say in their insignificance!

If you currently do not suspend gryazyuka, which we watered, it will be too late, and soon we were bitterly read that on the scale of human values, goodness, morality, spirituality, compassion and mercy from Our homeland is the world's 179 countries place after a nightmare and chaos "Tumba-Jumbo"!
I feel sad for the power!

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