Who training certificate?

Who training certificate?

In 2012-2014, in Russia will experience training military personnel laid off in store on the basis of municipal registered educational certificates.

This is the second "security", which, together with the municipal housing certificates (GLM) will help soldiers realize their social rights. The text of the respective decree signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev placed in an electric database Russian regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Experience held to promote employment of dismissed soldiers, their adaptation to new social conditions and prepare for the implementation of a new kind of prof. During the period of the experiment is scheduled to ensure the establishment of criteria for the training of more than 2,000 laid-off personnel.

Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and Federal Security Service within two months, ordered to establish the order and selection of the military aspects of claiming the right to obtain a certificate, the procedure for its issuance.

RF Government Decree of 21 May 2012 № 501 approved the Regulation on the 2012-2014 experience in training soldiers fired on the basis of municipal registered educational certificates.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation entrusted to three months to approve the list of educational institutions participating in this study, in consultation with the Ministry of Finance set the form certificate, the technical requirements for its letterheads, order booking, registration, storage, etc. Ministry of Education together with the Ministry of Defense and other agencies, where military service is provided, will produce organizational and methodological support of the experiment.

Financial security will be implemented within the budget appropriated under the Ministry of Education and Science in the federal budget for the respective cash and the planned period.

The Regulation on the experience of training soldiers fired on the basis of municipal educational certificates registered fleshed out some details. Experiment was carried out from September 1, 2012 till June 30, 2014. It brings together educational institutions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the approved by the agency list.

Under the certificate refers to the nominal document confirming the right of the holder to additional measures of state support for the payment of his training at an additional professor of educational training program there prof. The certificate is delivered qualifier discharged servicemen once. In other words, like an apartment, education at the expense of the country can be received only once (obviously not counting what has already been obtained in the military college).

On educational certificate may qualify soldiers serving under the contract in respect of which immediately produced the following requirements:

— total length of military service in a calendar year for 5 years and more than, not counting the time training in military educational institutions of higher prof and (or) the average professor of education;
— presence of discharged servicemen or mean higher prof professor of education;
— dismissal from military service on the grounds that provide for attainment of the maximum age for military service, the expiry of the contract, as well as health, organizational and staffing arrangements.

Training certificate soldier will be issued at its exclusion from the list of personnel. Fake it is unlikely to succeed, because the certificate is a security printing products with a degree of protection "A".

For the period of experience provides certificates for training programs when profperepodgotovki-secondary education professor and professor at a higher education.

Receiving the certificate holder to the educational institution for the training program there under Prof. training experience carried out on the basis of a personal statement and a certificate.

It should also pay attention to the deadlines. Certificate dismissed military issued no later than six months before the coming of the day or end of the experiment, and is an educational institution not later than three months prior to the day or graduation.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation defines as standard costs for the provision offered by educational institutions in the experience of educational services in programs when prof refresher on the basis of the average professor and professor at a higher education and the number of certificates. On the basis of proposals submitted by the Ministry of Defence and other security agencies, and the Ministry of Education will determine the quotas on the number of certificates.

Participate in the experiment, without any doubt, interested and universities. Reimbursement of costs under the experience carried out in a volume of standard costs for the provision of services provided by educational institutions through grants from the federal budget. In other words, it is guaranteed funds. By the way, if the price of training by Prof. training program there will exceed the amount of standard costs for the provision offered by educational institutions as part of the experience of educational services, the price of training over the value of standard costs reimbursed by the certificate holder. In other words, as in the case of GLM, will have to pay from their own pockets.

But these supplements are unlikely to be material. Well pocket servicemen have now much harder than before. So that the dismissal is unlikely to be in store for their current disaster. The government will provide not only a roof over his head, and the opportunity to get the latest profession. And taking into account that the number of participants is limited to experience all the same, it is necessary to hurry …

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