Who will bombard after Gaddafi

Who will bomb after Gaddafi

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez fears that Venezuela is second in the list of States to be forceful democratization, and what exactly he is the leading candidate for elimination after Muammar Gaddafi.

According to him, "all of us at the moment looking at how imperialism took off his mask, threw aside morality and using an invented pretext bombarding Libyan town, killing civilians. Efforts to put the sample in a row Chavez and Gaddafi as violent dictators pursuing their own people. "

As well founded fear a favorite of Venezuela and who can be considered prime candidates for democratization? These questions in an interview with "Pravda.Ru" said Pavel Zolotarev experts and Gregory Amnuel.

Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada Pavel Zolotarev believes that "these are safe to a real basis, as Chavez himself not once decided acts that Washington is not considered friendly. Especially since the Americans have not forgotten the Monroe Doctrine, under which they changed at the sole discretion of the management of any other country in the Western Hemisphere. And it happened in the memory of the same Hugo Chavez.

But, other hand, a favorite Venezuelan similar statements simply seeks to mobilize the masses against their own not entirely successful policy to divert attention of the people in the image of the external enemy.

But whatever it was, at this point, the U.S. has no real powers in order to operate as before, and we talk about the fact that Washington is ready to overthrow the Chavez regime or any other regime in advance. At the moment is not the time to go it alone. "

But the outlook of the executive director of the international club "open dialogue" Gregory Amnuel, great acquaintance regarding international policies of Western countries, "Chavez makes such statements are not case. As the Russian proverb says, on the thief and the cap is burning. Those who have real grounds for anxiety, fear repeat the example of Gaddafi. Under the real reason I am referring to the liquidation of representatives of their own people, the massive violations of human rights, etc. And Chavez is far not the only one of the favorites, who can bring such charges. In Latin America, it is Morales. But in general , it is easier to say to whom no such claims. I can call only two inhabited continent, where there is no violation of democratic norms. This is Australia and North America.

What still concerns about the accusations that America is engaged in Tipo arbitrariness, that is not the case. We will not go into further history and start with "Desert Storm" against Saddam Hussein. The fact is that if Iraq did anger against Kuwait and got what he deserved. And although it was punished in almost all the efforts the United States, the anti-Iraq coalition intensively involved most of the countries in the world. And they acted with the approval of the entire international community.

Or take the other caveat — the resolution of conflicts on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Again, the U.S. is not engaged in arbitrariness here, and make decisions jointly with the European Union in response to how Karadzic and Milosevic regimes destroy their own people.

If we take action in recent years, including the operation to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein and the dismantling of the party "Baas", here in Washington did not act alone. He enlisted the support of a number of countries in the world. It is well known that the party and its favorites mutual responsibility for the acts they commit. In this sense, to Hussein and "Baath" very many complaints. What they were doing in relation to the Kurds and Shiites, the international community was treated as a genocide. How else to characterize the overall settlement of the Shiites, who at Hussein murdered entire villages, or the introduction of chemical weapons against the Kurds?

If we take Afghanistan and Libya, the United States, and there were not alone. Moreover, the Libyan example clearly indicates that America is not trying to play the role ascribed to it. European countries are clearly ahead of her here, and the U.S. role in the operation against Gaddafi was coerced. And the world community through the United Nations supported this operation.

So there is a certain evolution of the international political system. Previously, crimes against humanity could get away with it, but now those who commit them, can not sleep calmly. "

This position clearly reflects the eyes of the West. In this case, apart from Venezuela, there are other candidates "for a spanking." Among them — her younger "sister" Bolivia, Chavez's going rate. This is also Iran's nuclear program that anti-Israel statements and ambitions in the Gulf, its ally Syria. And Algeria, the government is also insulting the opposition.

Though not entirely clear on what basis the specific country, "Golden billion", among which stand out markedly United States, assumed the role of the judges. And can those who himself is not ideal in terms of human rights, etc., be that way? We will not go into the wilds of historical and carefully staying on how to Native American and Mexican bones lined up the foundation of the most democratic country in the world.

Quite a turn to how the process of pacification of Iraq iAfganistana. Murder, kidnapping and torture of 10-s and hundreds of thousands of people have distinctive handwriting carriers of American democracy in these countries. Became a textbook example of Guantanamo Bay, is actually a tremendous concentration camp, where the South American intelligence agencies were being taken from the people they abducted a number of states.

But other, more important achievements of democracy such as stripping of the population of the Iraqi town of Fallujah, or the drive bullpen Abu Ghraib, where the mass of people were throwing at least suspicion of what the occupation authorities and where they were, it would seem, long-forgotten medieval torture. Until such democratic achievements dictator Saddam Hussein was not just a guess. At least, the number they say for themselves: over the decades of his reign was killed due to the thousands of man, whereas in a matter of years, the US-British occupation of Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of man, millions have become refugees.

For the same rate of destruction of Afghanistan was NATO aircraft wedding and funeral processions. There are some issues to such "arbitrators", as Spain and France, who brutally suppressed ethnic minorities on its territory such as Basque or Corsican.

So fear Chavez really is not groundless. Unfortunately, the so-called civilized world during its existence did not become safer since medieval times. Then, often to justify the conquest of anger arranged under religious slogans. At this point, the West other religion — democracy and human rights that the country's Golden billion themselves violate where they can.

These criteria applicants for slaughter really a lot. In particular, a lot of chances for those who are rich in natural resources. And stand against the forceful democratization is possible only together. The convict Nazi death camp "Dachau" Protestant pastor Martin Niemöller wrote why he was there: "When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent, I was not a Communist. Later they came for the socialists, I was
silent, I was not a social democrat . Later they came for the trade unionists, I said nothing, I'm not a union member. Later, they came for the Jews, I said nothing, I was not a Jew. When they came for me, no longer have anyone who could protest. "

And because those who favor either silently looks at how NATO bombs and missiles democratize Libya themselves at some point, probably will be in the role of pastor Martin Niemöller.

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