Whom to fear in Christmas and Christmas Eve?

"This Christmastide — preferred days every kind of evil: witches, ghosts, dead and other" cute creatures "freely roam through the world until the Epiphany, and the pranks they are not as harmless as a charming Gogol's heroes. So who is afraid of our ancestors for many the Christmas evening and night? "

"There is no nation in the Old World, which would not have been my beliefs about rampant evil forces not only Christmas, but also to the neighboring night."

"Russia was even a, calendar evil — svyatochnitsy that could only appear at Christmas. This ugly-looking creature, covered from head to toe hair. They can not speak, just sing without words and dance. Svyatochnitsami met with very dangerous . Their hands — with huge, long nails, nails and these are the people otkolupyvayut pieces of meat and often zakolupyvayut to death. There are, however, these monsters one weakness — coquetry. Like all of the fairer sex, svyatochnitsy love jewelry. This -and then saved once wandered to singing in an abandoned bathhouse girls. svyatochnitsy When pounced on them, one of the girls remembered svyatochnits passion for beads, pulled them from her neck and scattered over the floor.

"These days you can meet and Buka (remember how scared them as a child?). This kind of disgusting freak" who sticks with tricky questions and riddles with a terrible condition that you will not find an answer, not to solve a riddle — stay with him forever. If Fortunately, the solution will be found — Buka disappear in an instant. activated in the Christmas days and goblins, lesunki (girls) and leshachihi (ladies). God forbid you say at an odd hour of someone, that his (her) goblin claimed, or something! can and walk away. Flee then, look at the forest. Well, if blown remain alive. somehow sent one man's daughter for something in the yard, she hesitated, well, he said these very words to heart. And then found a poor girl in a day in the woods between two trees and lifeless. "

"Werewolves or veschischitsy also in yuletide awake and can assume the appearance and magpies, and any pet or some guy or girl. Every yuletide looked one girl (not blessed!) On the street and saw a guy that she liked. leaned against the glass, he kissed her — and at once irrational crazy. yuletide In general, all have to do Bless: this avoids the wiles of evil spirits, which can take many unexpected guises. somehow guessed girl in uninhabited (and unconsecrated! ) hut and heard the eerie sound of the furnace makes. they rushed to escape, and bake them for coming, and terrible howls bluish flame is lit. barely had time to run to the house and, crossing, close windows and doors — it is this stove in the house and not is empty. yuletide was made to put the crosses on the doors and windows, and, of course, in the attic — a favorite place of landing a night landing devils and witches. And birth control so not only superstitious villagers and townspeople. "

"But the city of evil tricks were much intricate and refined than their rural counterparts. Especially dangerous were masquerades. Entice some frivolous youth lovely mask, follow her, and she will lead him to the tomb in the cemetery, or a cab driver to turn to Him face, and — oh — a cab instead — a dead man or the devil. Or suddenly at the Yule Ball masquerade found that all the dancers instead of legs — the hoof, and the masks — terrible demonic faces

For the Greeks it — terrible creatures kalikandzary they penetrate the New Year at home and scare his terrible orthodox view — monkey fur and glowing like embers, red eyes. They jump on the man's back and force him to dance until you drop, but still strive addition, sorry for the details, urinate on the fire to extinguish the hearth. Kalikandzar lazy, ill-mannered, eats amphibians and arthropods, stupid, but partial to the pretty girls. Here with him have to keep your eyes open.

Is evil and terrible. Romanians, for example, hid after a day of Saint Andrew axes and pitchforks, as they could take possession of Strigoi — the spirits of the dead sinners who took to the moonlit winter road to beat each other or grabbed a traveler who wandered in late, and suck his blood. One board for Strigoi — garlic. Ate it in Romanian villages in plenty, not only — they rubbed even the whole body. Garlic is considered a good tool of evil spirits all the European nations. Therapeutic effect of garlic recognizes and modern medicine. Here are just a flavor — even evil spirits can not stand …

"The Austrians, Belgians, Dutch, part of the Western Slavs, Spaniards and Portuguese afraid of the wild hunt, which goes through the darkest night of the year in the sky. Closely welded company — as the selection: the evil spirits, ghouls, witches, devils, living dead. Sometimes wild hunt down to earth. Not blindly, raced wild hunt for the most terrible quagmire in the forest, through the ducts. jingled no bits, no ringing swords. sat silent on horseback riders, and bog fires were rolling in front of horses manes flying in the wind, ran ahead of the wild hunting cheetahs, with lowered wings. And silently on the heather and bog they were flying. silent and horsemen, and from somewhere came the sound of hunting on the other side, and my eyes were burning and horses, and people, and cheetahs. "(V. Korotkevich Wild Hunt King Stach. ") And though a quote from a work of art, but it could not be more accurately describes what the Austrians imagined a wild hunt."

A ghost! Here's who in the expanse of the Christmas night! It seems they are waiting for a whole year, not wait and gain strength to not give a death in the yuletide sleep. Rattling chains and screaming, or simply tapping a bony finger on the shoulder, they wake in the night, coming from the most unlikely of places — the walls, fireplaces, stoves, floor — to reveal the fatal secret, predict the future or just to chat, sitting on the edge of the bed. Most malicious can pull unwary listener to the cemetery to open grave, and friendly can, however, help to solve the mystery of the treasure hidden in the house, to expose the enemy, and so are particularly intrusive lady ghost. They can stop the torrent just cock, and they do not agree, they think the most important thing to disappear.

"In the Christmas days, there were many superstitions and omens, indicating what will be next year. Extremely important the first day after Christmas night and New Year's Day. Event of each of these can affect the entire upcoming year. By first magic day is remarkable first meeting. in Italy was considered a good omen to meet on the street or take a visit the old man, a hunchback, the bad — of the child, a priest or a monk. in Scotland without a bottle of whiskey and oatcakes January 1 did not go to visit. Hungary that day washed coins, so as not translated. Greeks believed that it is impossible for the first New Year's Day shout anything to lose or sell, drink or even grind coffee (because it — bitter). "

"But back to the spirits of Christmas holidays. Countless numbers machinations of evil forces, but there are, it appears, and good spirits. They warn of the danger and may even protect against the wiles of evil spirits. Thus, in one ancient epic describes how to increase the good spirits girls from the dangerous, unclean places, calling their mother's voice, home, and in this place then formed a terrible quagmire. Helps good the Christmas spirits and change a person for the better and change your whole life, to show the Christmas night in his dark past and expected future if that remains the same.'s what promises miserly Scrooge (not a cartoon character, and the hero Christmas Carol Charles Dickens) Good Spirit Christmas time: I will honor Christmas in my heart and keep the memory of it all year. I will redeem his past, present and future. I will not forget their memorable lessons, not the shutter of my heart for them. "So, no matter how strong the forces of evil, but the good is stronger."

But, despite all these fears and horror, Christmas has always been a favorite holiday for all the peoples of Europe. On Christmas orgy of evil can be said that this was the darkness that condenses before dawn. But given her life a little, and when the Epiphany is celebrated on January 19, the whole cavalcade of crazy hell, howling and wailing put back into the underworld — until next year.


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