Whos supposed to have no children?

The policy of reducing the world's population — one of the most important activities of the modern "civilized world." Reduction by any means, war, artificial epidemic propaganda of homosexuality and contraception. One of the most important areas — creating fashion for the absence of children. This creates a fashion for "lack of offspring." So you do not give birth and had children — you are ready to "help."
Little analysis of those who cares about you to become extinct like mammoths. And probably — personal property …
One of the tools in the demographic war against Russia is childfree movement. These people have "deliberately" did not want to have children. But at the same time they want to, and others refused to joy a mother or father. Instead of the quiet joy of their creativity, they are actively promoting abortion and sterilization. A women giving birth is called "cattle" and "plodyachkami." It is interesting to their mothers, they also treated?

It also appeared that the propagandists of life without children — usually LGBT people, satanists and Russophobe. Amazing? And in my opinion — no.

The two main human instinct, the instinct of reproduction and survival instinct. With people who have attempted suicide psychologists, why it is with people who do not want to have children, very different?

As you might guess, the title appeared and came to us from the "enlightened" West. The term was born in the U.S., as opposed to the word Childless (like an armless, legless — no children). In the wake of emancipation, "human rights defenders" have seen in English infringement of the rights of childless and coined the term childfree (detosvobodny), claiming such a way that the absence of children — it is the privilege of a "developed" society.

Childfree believe that the need for having children — a stereotype imposed by society. And they are free of this, and can devote his life to self-realization and pleasures. And do not think about what would happen if their parents have chosen the same path. They also argue that giving birth in a supposedly overcrowded land — a crime. But this, for some reason, does not prevent his own to live and enjoy life.

The interesting thing is that the founder of this movement is feminist Margaret Sanger. She is the founder of the "League of birth control," which in 1925 sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, and which was later renamed the Family Planning Association. More of her work can be found here.

Russian program "Family Planning" has been actively implemented in the country in the 1990s, and to calculate the number of its direct and indirect victims is not possible. It can only be said about that the bill is not to one million lives.

Back in 2000 the priest Maxim Obukhov writes that the Russian Family Planning Association is a destructive organization occult and pagan character, which is the basis of the ideology of the cult of lust, sex, special, "relaxed" way of life, which is imposed in order to achieve the ideal of the so-called "Safe sex." External activities of the organization comes to the spread of birth control methods, but that they are not limited, it is a particular way and style of life, the whole ideology of emancipation. The cult of fornication known since ancient times as one of the most primitive religions, bordering with Satanism.

Dangerous cult is that many of the RAPS hold leadership positions in the public system of obstetric and gynecological care.

Movement can not ignore it. Walking the beaten path of sexual minorities do not want to be childfree minority. They dream to break into the intellectual epicenter, and position themselves as a social phenomenon, not as a group of people with pathological disorders. Already working on their ideology sociologists, journalists and politicians. They argue that the law discriminates against childfree social and political point of view. As a consequence, in the west of this movement is gaining more and more weight.

One can only hope that common sense and true values that are inherent to the Russian people, will not allow this movement to draw a lot of people there.

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