Why do politicians do not tell the whole truth to the public?

Question "from the audience," Nikolai Starikov meeting with readers: I think that's why, when having such power, knowing where the legs grow revolution from growing legs dollar printing press, the entire economy of capitalism, why he [Stalin — approx. Gifakt] Did not give it to the masses, not informed, why not leave a memoir, even knowing that the people after the death of [Stalin's] read the truth?

Answer: Why none of the government officials do not go out and do not tell the people the truth? Because it is impossible. Imagine Stalin begins to talk about where the growing revolution. What should he say? The revolution of the 17th year, financed by British intelligence, that he, as a member of the Bolshevik Party, took part in a criminal organization, funded by foreign intelligence, deception misled the masses of Russia, made a revolution … Yes, there is something we, Bolsheviks, of course, for the sake of all the people are doing, and that is understandable. But of power, dear comrades, you must excuse me, we have the direct connivance of foreign intelligence.

Well here it is possible to tell? Well, of course not. And these no one will write a memoir. Because, being published, they will destroy the country fully on the vine and negate the tremendous sacrifices that were. Therefore, no one ever tells the whole practice of politics, this is simply impossible. It's like in private life, too, is not nobody tells the whole truth — that there are always, so to speak, scope, shade, reservations, and so on … Because the whole truth, it is always very nepriglyanaya. Even if you just take a person completely, there is even some say such hygienic areas that the full truth may tell or show obsolete. Therefore, the policy, it is even more so intimate thing.

Now for the economy and politics. Stalin understood from growing legs and act to fight here this typewriter. He introduced the gold ruble. He tried to neutralize svezhepodpisannoe Breton Woods agreement, creating a gold ruble in the early 50's. Because Stalin in the 53-year had been poisoned. And those who poisoned him, and came to replace it, they have made every effort to discredit him to disavow, then to throw dirt on his XX Party Congress, and to destroy all the direction that left no chance to win — no chance, I assure you — to financially-oriented world that is suffocating even in the complete absence of any opposition. 20 years have passed since the destruction of the Soviet Union, the crisis did not stop, the economy came to a standstill, a huge national debt — that this all would shop closed 50 years earlier if the Stalinist course continued.

Nikolai Starikov

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