Why illness and misfortune are afraid amulet?

Among the huge variety of objects around us are those who are constantly concerned about maintaining our health and longevity. This power objects, and, simply put, talismans, amulets, and talismans. However, the use of their rituals have their secrets … Axiom proven: it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick! Better yet, if wealth and health are combined with what is called happiness.

Then why are many of us for so long (sometimes lifetime), we have to lead the way to the three components of success in life? First of all, because we do not always remember that health, wealth and happiness has its backers. This charms, amulets and talismans, without which many of our attempts to achieve success are doomed to failure. It is easy to say that all things are the same forces, the same principle. This principle of the limit is simple. we provide for sources of energy, and they meet us constantly working on those problem in E that are put before them.

This is similar to a calculator that we connect to the batteries, give him a task (enter the number and the necessary actions), and he then touch keys gives us a result. But described principle is very general and vague. Power objects are clearly his own classification of different names and above all because of its similarity with all the action they work in different ways and at different levels of our body. Power objects separated into three main categories: talismans, amulets and talismans. In order to understand what these things are different from each other, we need to understand which of the levels of each of the objects and the power of his work is similar to the work of other objects of power.

Charms — multipurpose power objects, whose work is at the level of the etheric body. The high sensitivity of everything, and at the same time, the dispersion of the response in the event of impact of the situation — that is the main difference from other objects wards forces. Wards, working at the ethereal part of our body, capable of many things, but the best of all they work in the field of protection, which, in fact, reflected in their name, derived from the word "protect." Wards are busy taking over some of the protective functions normally performed by our etheric body.

Etheric body most of the time busy receiving, processing and filtering energy components of the external world of man. Sometimes it is so much engaged, that no time sreogirovat danger and inform the owner, his mind and physical. structure. It is necessary to make a small detour on the work of the etheric body in matters of our nat. security. I'm sure many of you have to feel this strange sense of danger, which translates into our conscious and emotional structure of the etheric part of our aura: as if nothing is happening, and we start to worry for themselves or for people close to us, even though no apparent reason for this. Our inner voice is trying to tell us something, translating anxiety. So we anticipate some trouble: failed the exam, illness of a close person, their own problems at work or at home, etc.

Everything would be fine if it were not for one small, but very unpleasant "but": we have lost the habit to use his subtle signals defender and almost always ignore it. Most interesting is that contraption etheric body and sometimes manages to circumvent this human trait, it tells us about the future through what we call the "signs" that are in fact well-established time-signals from the air. body, all these broken mirrors, torn teeth in dreams, stumbling on his left foot, and many other signs is just an attempt of our etheric body sharpen our focus on our impending trouble.

With proper work of our etheric structure it does not just warn us of danger, but also tries to eliminate its own energy. ways, without interference from the physical body. For example, your protective shell can be confusing for the bully who was going to attack you, pull another "random" passer in the place where you want to strip and plunder. The etheric body can push you to go on the subway or the dark courtyards others unfamiliar to you by. It was later, avoiding danger, we start talking about intuition, about accidents, that "God loves her," etc. In fact, all such cases is the work of the etheric body, his duty to protect their wear A. After all written one can imagine how much effort is spent in our ethereal essence to prevent similar incidents. But all these forces could be used for other purposes, such as art or health, to our consciousness. life, not the survival. Release these forces and help charms.

They are taking on these hard questions. Over time may become wards of the self. energy being that in our defense can do wonders. Even if for different reasons amulet can not completely ruin the situation, he softens it so that there is not a person who would be able to harm you, our subject begins to work against the forces naprvlenii aggression on you long before the broadcast. body feel even the slightest power lim. shake. Old and have been working (experienced) charms the aggressor can destroy the very idea is to direct their actions against you.

Thus, the main and most useful task for the wards — protecting your nat. body. Please note that all items forces are one level below their own. Warding "coupled" with nat. body, and works to protect the physical, astral amulet tied to component, and helps solve problems of air, etc. This is an important law of the subjects force at which it must be remembered, because you can not get around it: do not throw out ward forces to mental body, he will never be able to directly change the course and direction of your thoughts. So do not ask him the impossible, give him a job in his field of energy cooperation. Nat. body, protection against negative influences of material and energy — that's his prerogative, which perfectly cope any charm. Amulets are working with other, more "high" part of our subtle ext. space-the astral body. Amulets are committed related to the emotional plane, they can protect and regulate everything that is related to our psychological manifestations.

Thus, amulets, being connected with the astral plane of our existence, directly affect the etheric body, helping it to maintain energy and strength to perform vital tasks. We can say that amulets — nothing, as some regulators that we receive strength, no direct effect on nat. body. Relationships with others, our interaction in the family, at home and at work — these are the areas in which to work and can help us to the category of objects of power.

Its task is to ensure necessary for solving various problems of mood, even in cases where the overall situation makes us feel sad or nervous. Negative emotions are processed in the positive and amulets are sent to us for future use. The subject of power cuts all the blows directed against us, especially those that allow you to create unnecessary emotional anchor. Besides the direct protection of energy. influences amulet chooses for us are the ways to solve the matter referred to it, which will be more calm and easy for us.

In the absence of an amulet, our response to the events proceeds as follows: a meaningful adverse event — a negative binding energy, the breakdown in the etheric body — the weakness of the physical body — exhaustion and illness. If we include in this chain of the amulet, it is dropped between the first and second steps, and the etheric body instead of spending power to the feelings is seeking most favored for nat. part of the body and gives the maximum of its energy to solve the existing problems, avoiding the "loop." Amulet pushes us to the most painless solution of the problem, leading to our way of life right people at the right time, opening prospects by changing the situation and bring some positive changes.

Amulets work perfectly with the following problems: finding a partner for personal communication, problem solving, conflict at work and home, enabling you to beat the positive developments, the attraction for you to cash and new bonds. You can say that the amulet takes the decision of some of your own life problems and cope with them with minimal cost to you. Amulets in their actions, or rather, in the direction of their actions are narrower than charms. For example, Ward eliminates almost all conditions and influences that may interfere with nat. the human body, while it draws energy from all possible spheres of life and the most widely covered by acting career man.

Amulet often operates only in one particular area of our lives, occasionally getting into adjacent areas and organizing its influence there. For example, if you are equally important friends and work, the amulet can arrange each other's expense (friends make you a good job), but that "accidentally" get to know you on the street with a future employer he can not — the beginning of any situation at work with the amulet you have to put yourself. Amulet works perfectly in the already existing physical conditions in the existing situation and create something new, he will only be when there is a definite basis, the basis for the new, the amulet will support those of your plans that can be realized. Make it work in a vacuum difficult, because empty space has no emotions. color, and therefore energy, kotoroy works amulet.

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