Wild Animals of the North watch online

Wild Animals of the North watch online
Winter Scandinavia holds in custody for months, locked with ice and suppressed strong Arctic winds. Eventually, winter slowly begins to recede. More days are long and more than warm weather transforms the ground, stripped whole new world. But this gentle time completed very quickly. For newcomers to the race here survival just beginning.

1. Rebirth / Reborn
With the retreat of the Arctic winter cool young generation of various members of the animal begins to show Scandinavian curiosity about the world around them, learning their own future home. But the warm season will last very long, and cubs. foxes, geese and snowy owl chicks need to grow and mature as quickly as possible.

2. Cry of Nature / Furious Life
in the tundra — it's time to mating and hard fights between male musk ox. They are faced with horns on the speed 40 km per hour, while the females are waiting on the sidelines favorite. The deer and elk is also time rut, and they do not miss the opportunity to join together in the fight for the right to throw offspring.

3. Masters of survival / Ultimate Survivors

Life in the northern expanses of Scandinavia difficult. but the animals have adapted and developed its strategy vyzhiyvaniya. For example, foxes perfectly retain the heat of his own body, thanks to a fur pelt in which they are dressed from head to the tips of the legs.

4. At the edge / At The Edge
For residents of the North as a Swedish sea eagles or hawks, frozen expanse of sea water seriously hinder the hunt, but for the snow-white bears and other animals during the summer and melting ice is always threatened by hunger languishing test.

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