Witch in our time

Have long gone are the days of a witch hunt, but lived a witch to our times? Of course yes. But is there some way to recognize a witch today? And again — yes. Only need to watch carefully.

Witches are usually born in mixed marriages, and are often the only child in the family. The gift of witchcraft is transmitted only by inheritance. But even if it is a gift and use it to initiate the passage impossible. Previously, this was accomplished a rite, but in today's world it occurs spontaneously, usually give rise to the initiation of the tragic events that trigger an emotional outburst.

But all this is happening at once, and you may need a whole chain of such events before the witch understand their purpose in this life. Witch impersonating features look as no surprise in it. In addition to the eye, they can change their color. Behavior it is also quite common, always find a common language with everyone. But among the many friends and family, she was always alone, that is its nature.

Woman practicing magic and witch concepts are absolutely incompatible. Witch casts a spell and does not interfere in people's lives. Its main difference from other people is an inner harmony with the world and the universe. They are very strong, but never played on the weaknesses of others.

Often, looking into the eyes of a witch, you can see the sadness. It is endowed with the gift of understanding the essence of all these developments and events in the world. Some of them may even know the date and cause of his death. They are not all-powerful, all-knowing, though. Against nature they can not go against justice, too. If you do evil, you know exactly what will be the price paid for it. What's more — the lies and sabotage, take away their most important — effective.

It is foolish to fear and blame the witches that they want to harm humanity. It is not. For them, the important part of the nature of the person with whom they have a strong bond.
Recognition or acknowledgment of the existence of witches, nothing changes. But the evidence that the world is not limited to the visible, can not be denied.

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