Witches do not go to bed

In Salem, Mass., stopped taking shoppers Official Witch Shop, where a great interest in witchcraft and sorcery could at any time to buy their mysterious rites is necessary.

The store was opened back in 1970 and became the first U.S. official magical "shopom" for witches, and its owner Lorin Cabot then was recognized as Governor Michael Dukakis main witch of Salem.

78-year-old Cabot said that the decision to close Official Witch Shop dalos easy. However, after the cessation of trading activities witch is not going brosatrabotu completely — it will continue to conduct training sessions for magic and divination by Tarot cards, and continue to lead the city's League of the witches.

As we know from history, Salem "fame" in 1692 as the city, where he was best known in the U.S. trial of witches. As a result of this judgment: a hundred and fifty people (including a four-year girl) were thrown into prison, and 19 women hanged.

It is this tragic history continues to be in the twenty-first century, the source of prosperity, living by the influx of tourists who are interested in anything beyond.

Today Salem — the unofficial capital of witchcraft and magic in the United States. Here it is practiced openly, and as arts and crafts, and a religion. The city was a witch symbols — black cats, bats, spiders, brooms — all decorated home residents, even in a police car painted a witch on a broomstick.

At the cemetery the grave is not no witches — they are not buried. But in 1992, the local authorities have declared it a place memorial died during the witch hunts. Now, the real story is told as an urban legend.

In Salem, there are several museums: the world's largest museum witch museum "Dungeon Witch" and the Peabody Essex Museum. The latter are stored about 500 original documents witch trials, as well as horrific instruments of torture. Wanting to tickle their nerves are many.

In specialty stores, similar to Closed Official Witch Shop, meek zatarivaemsya everything necessary, and purchasing pieces of the bark of a tree with the Gallows Hill, where they were executed unfortunate women.

Especially popular with visitors enjoy the museum "Dungeon Witch." Here, in a former church in the street Lind, wanting to tickle your nerves are shut in a dark wet basement with cameras of varying degree of comfort. General cells, the cells in which the prisoners could only stand and dungeons, where they were tortured in order to wrest the recognition of belonging to a Satanic cult.

Currently in Salem for 38 thousand people, there are about 2,500 witches who practice modern offshoot of voodoo science «wikka», his emphasis on the power of the forces of nature and the ability to manage them.

"This is how the annual Sabbath Lorin Cabot:" On May 1 lit bonfires, played music, and green groves witness many sensual pleasures. Fifth month of the year expresses all sexy and sensual meaning of the number "5"

Some of us prefer to perform rituals in the "celestial robes," that is naked, but I appear on the Sabbath in a long black robe with amulets, first, not to catch a cold, and secondly, to increase the magical power. Usually in the presence of 13 Witches Sabbath — one for each month of the lunar calendar. "

American parapsychologists tend to assume that the energy of Salem, has accumulated vibration of pain and suffering, promotes mystical phenomena that often occur in the city.

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