Wonderful restoration of frescoes of the monastery of St. Nicholas Terebenskoy (photos)


In the Tver region, Nicholas Terebenskom convent (Maksatihinsky district) with bright colors shone frescoes. Such miracles never cease to surprise locals and nuns. All assured — this is God's sign.

In Russia, there are many amazing places whose history is filled with secrets and modernity continues to present the puzzle. They include Nicholas Terebenskaya a convent, located on the border of the Novgorod and Tver regions. Despite the fact that during the years of Soviet power in its main temple and has been a sports club, and storage of gas cylinders, at St. Nicholas Church survived a unique painting.

Appear mysteriously murals began five years ago in two churches of the monastery — St. Nicholas and the Annunciation. Through the plaster at first stood out pale drawings, and then gradually they became more colorful and vibrant. Nun Mother of John: "The murals were recruited to paint as long as there instead of warehouses and residences formed a convent. Previously, the images were, but only the contours and silhouettes, and now is a riot of colors plays as if the artist had just come down from the scaffolding. "



According to the nuns, from 1642 until 1919 in the area acted Maksatihinsky Monastery. Then in the troubled hard times — in 1930 — it was closed. In the premises the Desert has long housed poultry farm, hostel and warehouses. Since then preserved only Nicholas Cathedral (1830-1838), Church of the Annunciation (1882-1883), abbot and fraternal housing (40-50-ies of the XIX century). Murals themselves have come into complete disrepair.

In the mid-90s in the monastery began restoration work. Not everywhere, but selectively. Podremontirovali somewhere, somewhere all remained intact. Are considered the most valuable heritage murals of St. Nicholas Cathedral.

It tells the Orthodox open encyclopedia in the XV century the village belonged Terebenev blagochistivomu landlord Michael Obutkovu (or Obudkovu). In 1492 he decided to build his village Nicholas Church in honor of the miraculous appearance of the icon of St. Nicholas him. He chose for the church liked him a place on the edge of the village. And there was laid the foundation of the church to which Obutkov placed image. But when night fell, the image of the invisible power up from the base of the church and was transported to polpoprischa from the village to the lake and river Mologa where there were 5 birches and well, and where, apparently, was in former times the temple.

The next day Obutkov, thinking that someone accidentally transferred the image, put it back on the church grounds, but at night the icon again transpired. In the morning Obutkov again transferred the image, but the same thing happened, it lasted a few days. As a result, Obutkov built on the site of a wooden church dedicated to St Nicholas, made in the image of her and other icons and gave the village Terebenev clergy of the church in eternal remembrance of themselves and their kind. The image became famous for miracles and attracted many pilgrims.

In 2004, the desert has become a female. The nuns believe that a miracle has begun thanks to the fact that the monastery returned to its historic mission.

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