Wonderland (2012)

What is a miracle? Something supernatural? The film tells the story of events that can be fixed, and even explore modern methods, but it is impossible to explain.

Why mirotochat icons? Analysis shows that the substance exudes icons, and how to explain the presence of a protein?
Shroud of Turin — a clever hoax or the most holy? Why chemists, paleobotany, anthropologists, historians assert that the Shroud is genuine, and carbon dating shows the opposite? What are the results of further research? That modern science has to say about the Shroud of Turin? Are there unequivocal evidence of its authenticity? How to explain the appearance of the print on the fabric of the body?

The power of prayer — whether it works wonders? How do you explain the incredible healing people for whom they prayed? And is it possible to explain from a scientific point of view, the power of prayer, faith, love?
Too many things in this world can not be scientifically explained. For example, the very emergence of the world. Modern fundamental science calculated almost the whole process of the universe, up to 10 to the minus 43 degree second after the Big Bang. It remains to find out what happened at the moment of the explosion, and why it happened. In order to come close to understanding this, created the Large Hadron Collider. Will scientists learn how the world was created?

For decades, biologists studying living cells. And in many ways already achieved great results: Learn to reprogram cells, they introduce artificial ingredients, etc. But to create a living cell from scratch not managed to anyone. What a mystery lies in the normal living cell? Why do scientists still can not explain — how did life? Does this mean that life itself — the greatest miracle?
This and much more in the documentary "Wonders."

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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