You can not disturb the ancient stones

Shamans and sorcerers always believed stones living beings, the ability to retain information and accumulate destructive or healing energy. Many cult stones actually seem alive, because they are able to respond to evil with evil, severely punish their abusers and even move contrary to the laws of physics.

You can not disturb the ancient stones

Many people of the world from very ancient times, there is a belief, according to which those who disturb ancient cult stones, bring upon themselves and others untold disasters. Amazingly, from time to time things happen, fully confirming the truth of this is so widespread "superstition."

In 1944, in connection with the expansion of the road, it was decided to move the two-ton "Stone Witch" from the crossroads for Skrepfaggot Green, Essex (England). The boulder was close to the local pub, and this neighborhood it is clearly angry. The town began "epidemic" of misfortunes, which, according to local residents, were clearly supernatural character.

First refused to obey church bell-ringer and began threatening his people completely devoid of harmony chime, then found dead in the thirty sheep and two horses, the vet could not give a clear explanation of why they died. Suddenly, repaired buildings scattered around the scaffolding, and farmers found that the cells of rabbits trapped chickens, while their eared guests dispersed to local gardens.

The population of the town demanded that the authorities urgently to return the stone to its place. Because of residents have started a real panic, this requirement was immediately fulfilled. You can believe or not, but right after that in the newly established town of calm and grace so characteristic of the small English provincial towns.

The famous Blue-Stone Lake Pleshcheeva once lay on the hill and was an altar slab sanctuary. Since the new Christians continued to go and worship this stone, he decided to throw off the top down. According to legend, when the iconic rock has lost its place of honor, in the nearest town Kleshchina had a very strong fire.

Semyonov church deacon Annufriy volunteered bury "devilish" stone, he dug a deep hole, pushed back a boulder and threw his land. Immediately after this titanic work husky Anufriev dumped a high fever, that if he survived, the chronicle does not report. Stone is a few years out from under the earth, and again on the surface …

After a century and a half, "unfortunate" Stone decided to hide in the basement of the church being built in Pereslavl. Sleigh in winter on the frozen boulder drove Pleshcheyev lake sled fell through the ice and the stone sank. Neither the government nor the priests of the stone did not grieve, and he then and thought to be on the bottom. After some time, local fishermen noticed that the boulder slowly but surely moving toward the shore. Almost 5 km in 50 years overcame Sin-stone, but still came out on the beach! Now he is a local landmark, no one worried, and he was not offended.

When the goddess Manua Loa angry

If you ever find yourself near the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, do not try to take a souvenir stones from its slopes. Local residents have long held that such "souvenirs" causing misery because stolen from Pele, the goddess of Mauna Loa, the stones simply can not act otherwise.

That made the volcano stones can actually be a catalyst for all sorts of misfortunes, had to make sure of one American family, which in 1977 during a tourist trip, despite the warning, save on local specialties, won instead of volcanic stones.

Immediately after returning home to the family of Ralph Lofferta, Vice President Airlines from Buffalo (New York), began a series of very unpleasant events. First, one of the sons, Todd, scared the whole family appendicitis attack, and then he had surgery on the knee joint and in addition broke his wrist. Mark, another son, broke his arm and sprained ankle. Even the little Dan is so inflamed eyes that not only had to be treated, but also to wear glasses. Only girl in the family, Rebecca, accidentally fell and knocked out two front teeth.

Frightened parents, who also are not all going well at work and in their personal lives, they decided to get rid of the damned stones. In mid-1978, Ralph sent stones to Hawaii local friend and asked him to put them to the foot of the volcano.

Despite the fact that the parcel came and asked Ralph has been executed, the family did not return earlier halcyon days, a series of misfortunes continued. Dan broke his arm, Mark got crutches, injured his knee, and the poor Rebecca had lost three more teeth. Todd got and he again broke his wrist and hurt his elbow.

Ralph's wife could not sleep, and he Loffert did not even know what to think. It turned out all of a sudden, when frightened misfortunes Mark admitted that he concealed the three stones. Once were sent and the stones in the family once reigned peace.

Could be explained by the example family Loffertov a series of coincidences, but from the "stolen" from Manua Loa stones hit very many.

For example, a family Raimondo of Ontario (Canada) also borrow a few rocks in the Hawaiian volcano. Here that at the time described the consequences of this reckless behavior Allison Raymond: "My husband was killed in a head-on collision while driving the car, my mother died of cancer. My younger son went to the hospital with an inflammation of the pancreas, besides, he broke his leg. The marriage of my daughter almost collapsed, and only when I mailed back the stones, our misery ended. "

Nick Morris, an American from Texas in 1979, brought a volcano just one stone, and he gave half of his friend. However, his one remaining half was for him more than enough. First hurricane wind at his heavily damaged the roof of the house, then in its antenna was struck by lightning and went down half of household appliances.

Do not have time to recover suddenly ill wife Morris, as he broke his hip when struggling with a robber made his way into the house. To all these miseries and his granddaughter, falling out of the blue, broke her arm in two places.

The final decision to return the stone ripe with Morris after his friend had given him back the half. A year and a few months his friend managed to break the four-car and he barely remained intact. Just sending a stone in the Morris family to get by.

The fact that the stones from the Mauna Loa brought a lot of trouble for those who dared to offend the goddess Pele, is the fact that in the late twentieth century, in just one day, employees of Hawaiian volcanic reserve got … 40 parcels with stones. They were brought tourists to the best experienced the negative effect of such gifts.

Not only stones with Mauna Loa can bring misery, dangerous to take stones and other places of worship. In the north of Australia is Ayers Rock. It is the largest monolith in the world of natural origin, which is a huge rock of sandstone in height 348 m and a length of about 3 km.

For Aboriginal this rock is a holy place, from across the continent to the numerous pilgrims flocking Ayers. Do not disregard this unusual natural object and tourists.

Often as souvenirs they take the stones at the foot of Ayers, and even strive to recapture the memory directly from a solid piece of rock.

Although the natives consider it sacrilege, fans souvenirs rarely pay attention to their protests. If we manage to take tourists pieces of the pyramid of Cheops, then what to speak of a miraculous huge rock: no matter how much take it, do not lose anything from it!

Such pernicious passion for forbidden souvenirs, contempt for foreign beliefs and practices seem costly exotic lovers. With 90 years of the twentieth century rangers Ayers regularly receive packages in which tourists return them to take once the stones. Some even brought the stones in person. All in one voice saying that stones from sacred rock brought them some trouble. Some of the tourists were ill, others were ruined, others have lost loved ones …

Dangerous not only take his stones from places of worship, but simply to destroy them or cause them any inscription. On a very representative case described in the article Aleph Bats. One student in love, being inside the temple, which was destroyed during the war, scratched with a nail in one of its stones "formula", more typical of adolescence — "Faith + Andrew = Eternal Love."

What happened then? A very sad event … Andrew, who was in love with a girl, in a fit of depressive illness hanged in her apartment, she Vera twice tried to kill herself, and as a result became an invalid, her personal life did not work …

Living Stones of Death Valley

Death Valley in California (USA) is famous because this is where the stones come alive. At the bottom of a dried-up lake-playa Restrek stones overcome a considerable distance, and reserve the clear signs of its movement in the form of shallow grooves. And the move as pebbles and boulders with half a ton of weight.

Of course, none of the scientists do not believe in any mysticism, and even more so in that the stones are living beings. Researchers are looking for a scientific explanation of the phenomenon. Caltech geologists Robert Sharp and Dwight Carey in the 60-70-ies of the last century, after a long study concluded that the wind moves the stones when the bottom of the lake after the rains it becomes very slippery.

However, in 1995 their findings disproved another American geologist John Reid. According to him, along with the students he was in Death Valley at the very time when the developed ideal weather conditions for the movement of the stones, but they crawled or millimeters. In turn, Reid suggested that the stones can move when covered by a crust of ice, which greatly reduces the friction on their surface and thus contributes to the movement.

At the moment, none of the scientists have not been able to accurately describe the mechanism of movement of stones in Death Valley and to prove his hypothesis. Well, if we think of the Blue-stone, then scientists will have even more to break down … How could a 12-ton boulder to travel to the bottom of the lake is rassstoyanie when, logically, just had to get caught up in the muddy bottom and stay on forever place? Miracles, and more!

Many, many, it is impossible to believe that the stones could be living creatures. Hard to believe, even in the fact that they somehow can affect people, and that all the stones or rocks mascots healers is not just a fiction invented by astrologers and jewelers. However, as regards the latter, it will still have to believe it! With the help of Kirlian effect, Russian scientists have shown convincingly that the stones can affect energy of the human body and even heal us from diseases.

Vitaly Golubev

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