Young Europeans are asking the EU does not recognize Lukashenko

In the Internet there was a petition that calls on the EU not to recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate President of the Republic of Belarus.

The petition, entitled "European Youth Understanding Human Rights, pluralist democracy and transparent elections in Belarus "personally addressed Catherine Ashton, the supreme representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission.

The petition, except for non-recognition of Lukashenko as a legitimate head of state bodies of the European Union also calls on countries to the European Union does not recognize ambassadors appointed by Lukashenka, but took measures that would have brought up new and free elections in Belarus.

The petition may be signed by anyone. As of 7:00 pm on January 6, a petition signed by more than 800 people from more than 30 countries.

One of the sponsors of the petition A.Flauers, told us that the petition will be handed to Mrs Ashton on January 12 before the meeting of the committees and delegations of the European Parliament, which will be devoted to discussing the situation in Belarus.

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