YSU is ready to accept expelled students

Yerevan State University Society stands ready "to take on all existing educational programs at the University of Belarusian students who have been or will be excluded from higher education institutions after the violent crackdown on peaceful protests that took place after the Presidential elections 19-20 December 2010 in Belarus. "

Irena Vayshvilaiytse, Vice-rector for administration and infrastructure, said Radio Liberty:

"YSU receives support from international foundations and private donors. These tools allow us to provide education to Belarusian students to 70% cheaper than the cost of their studies, and to help students with good academic success. Successful study — a defining factor for help in all cases.

In cases where students from Belarus can not continue their studies in the country, we, thanks to our sponsors, we can take them on the terms of relief. Certainly, if we we have their desired program. It's totally free for them instructions at least a year. "

Vice Rector explained that this year will be to adapt the Belarusian students in the learning process, the system of YSU as a European university, joining the Bologna process.

"We will assess their academic results and they will get a year of free training. A year later, they will be trained on the terms on which educate other students. And further help to them will depend on their educational progress.

We — not political, and academic organization. If a person can not learn, so — can not, although it can be very good with political or public figure.

Mr. Lukashenko expels students from the university just because of politics, but only because of the policies we can not accept, "- said Vice-rector Irena Vayshvilaytse.

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