40% of the monthly norm of precipitation fell in Khabarovsk because of typhoon Sunbeam

Typhoon "Sunbeam" on Tuesday brought to Khabarovsk for about 40% of the monthly rainfall, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a representative of the Khabarovsk weather center.

"On Wednesday, the typhoon left the region, there may be residual effects in the coastal area. In Khabarovsk during its passage 33 millimeters of precipitation fell at a rate of 86 millimeters," — said the source.

He said that the strongest wind gusts in Khabarovsk not exceed 17 meters per second.

Earlier Primgidromet reported that the typhoon approached the Khabarovsk region, weak before the cyclone.

According to a meteorologist at the center of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidzhan was fixed half the monthly rainfall — 55 mm at a rate of 110 millimeters.

Interviewee of the agency said that typhoon "Sunbeam" was not as strong as last August typhoon "Bolaven," during which the passage for a day in the Khabarovsk Territory had the monthly rainfall.

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