A Brief Analysis on the present situation

At present, examining what's on the main media channels misinformation in the media and in the newspapers with the radio, well seen one very interesting feature of manipulating general consciousness of the population in our country.

There are at — least three ways to influence people's minds, the three main forces of influence that are fed from a single source of funding and its supporters are trying to find the lure Rusich in one of these three areas of development.

After seeing the forums and the main Slavic resources, being a moderator for many of them, through which both pass through the filter of mass communications, I can say that there has been a certain tendency, however ….

People first track hard PR in all the sources of opium trade organization for the people of JSC "ROC", trying to show how important it is for all the Russian people, and how was the main natsionalnoobrazuyuschim cements in all ages Christianization of Rus.

The second group, fully implement the policy the Illuminati, a secret world government of the Levites, who embodies all the "charms chipizatsii" total control of the masses and the desire to send Russia on the way the United States and its "great liberasticheskoy democracy" as "well-established" themselves there and willing to incarnate here, as the product of universal development and innovative modernization.

Third, the same direction, which is visible to the naked eye, it is an attempt to tell people how good and beautiful life was in the Stalinist era developed communism and what was strong and powerful empire of the great red, as long as they came and cursed the Americans broke up the "great Power to the USSR. "

By the way, there is a fourth group that started in the last few months to promote their "party line", as if quietly probing the ground for the go or not go to Russia, their plan …. But this group later.

Let's talk about the first three curves of the tracks, which are cunning manipulators who receive salaries from one source, try to submit a general power of resurgent Slavic healthy nationalism, in order to try and keep control of it and completely head, so out of place, waking consciousness of the local Russian population.

So start with the orthodox orthodox Christianity, without which, their assurances, the Slavs, and so would remain wild barbarians, who no matter what can not. I will not dwell on this matter, as being the moderator of many news sources ever need, can already see that this group of guys in robes with gold-plated cross-weights, just beating in agony, seeing that has almost no one takes their attempts to hang noodles on the ears Rusich seriously. They have all clearly and without explanation. All this genocide of Slavs, you can read on the same front page of our website Commonwealth. It points genocide quite enough already to make a criminal case in Strasbourg on genocide and extermination of culture of our ancestors for hundreds of years.

The second group of people trying to develop a line of world government, too, is already well covered in the pages of many Slavic resources. I know that even in official broadcasts on radio skips notes of discontent about their deeds, and many patriotic organizations around the world, violently oppose what they are trying to do with people. On this subject, you already watched and videos and read books from different authors. The third group of people trying to return to Stalin firmly Hand, based on the great desire of people to stop this dirty trick and lawlessness that is currently going on in our society, playing on the feelings of all those who have a great pleasure to be kicked all liberasticheskuyu Americanized Shushary kick up the backside to their Piñata in the U.S. and England. From there they came to us to Russia with his pederastichnymi zamorochkami and total freedom of familiarity and complete decomposition of the identity of persons.

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In the third case, there is some danger in the fact that many political organizations that really want to help the common cause, will lead to those calls for a "strong hand", and come all the same mistakes again in the history of Russia. For those who did not live in those "happy" days of the Khmer Masons, I can say that, if they still remain focused, as then, we would have been here with you not spoken on the subject of the revival of Russia, and were be near the banks of the river and dried Kolymki there the torn boots. And those who would still lucky because the totalitarian system of the red guys Masons, is not tolerated no dissent and sent everyone to reflect on their labor and ancestor where mining is not waiting until the hunter fill up her shot from a gun, and she goes down to the him from the tree … but I digress. At the moment, the risk to a rigid rotation of the hand of totalitarianism and the "love of the leader of the people", whoever he was, though insignificant, but it exists. Want to encourage people to sense and understanding of the points that were then familiarized with the materials of the past, thinking with your head and not relying on mythical articles and slogans Stalinists, which however, only serve its objective on the right direction and the direction of minds, especially young who did not live at the time and did not know the hard way what a "love for the Party Committee and leader of the world proletariat." Make love in any totalitarian leader is easy. Suffice it to punish more than half the population of the country and shoot some of the other half, preferably at night, coming to them in the black funnel and a word not to take away the fathers of large families to where no one and never came back …

Manipulated in this way, you can always those who are usually not familiar with the realities of a particular time, because of his youth. There is a way out, which is that you need only pick the materials and most of the time to check all the words of their leaders, calling for a return to "the great empire of red developed communism" that there was a ruling caste sweet cunning manipulators Masonic yes people , who was at the trough of the Central Committee of the CPSU, fed and out of spetskoryta spetsmagazinov. The rest of the building communism, standing in line for toilet paper, which was scarce, and tried to take a huge turn for the evil liver sausage and beer thrown on the shelves on the occasion of the new election of the old General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union …

I think, for anybody not a secret that in some kind of arrangement forces controlling Midgard from outer space, a preliminary agreement was reached by which the people themselves should choose the path of its further development, without coercion and violence by certain interested parties …

Based on this state of affairs, all will continue to depend on us, on what we ourselves choose you for our common future. Want a strong hand, and immediately give us the full extent of our backstage manipulators, referring to the Confederation of the cosmos, that we do is to select, based on their current requests and desires. Want liberal democratic West scheme, and it is already in the bag. Everything worked out and ready to use, having a demo beta in the U.S. and Europe. If the term Orthodoxy will again cleverly substituted alien Slavic Christianity, here and remake is nothing, the same church, the same monk-priests in robes, the same chants. Ready to use and tested by time.

Now, I would like to focus on a new, fourth track developments which gradually slowly and leisurely try to put into the development of our crafty "friends" …

Thinking people in various departmental organizations have long understood that the present reviving Slavic movement has nothing and did not stop. Created several distractions options that are not brought, contrary to their expectations, no fruit. People have become smarter, and the development of reason in the last years, dashing haunt in all spheres of social life. For them, it was clear one. Change of power, and all the old decaying Masonic system is only a matter of time, which can be strongly tightened, but can no longer be avoided. There is a future that depends on us, but there are things to come, which is inevitable. Knowing this, to save in the years to at least some levers of power and privilege in different areas, they realized that the term should be a way to transform with all the features of today's new thinking Slavic National Movement.

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