A decision on the beatification of John Paul II

May 1, 2011, Pope John Paul II will be beatified.

Pope Benedict XVI during a meeting with the Vatican in the affairs of the canonization of Cardinal Angelo Amato January 14 decided publish decrees concerning the miracle of intercession of John Paul II. The paper reports on the authenticity of the healing zakonnitsy French Marie Simone Pierre Normand, which is attributed to the patronage of Pope John Paul II. It is of medically unexplained perspective sudden disappearance of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Rite of Beatification Servant of God John Paul II will be held May 1 2011a.

In the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter have now begun work on the transfer of the body of Pope John Paul II in the Vatican grottoes in the chapel of St. Sebastsyana. Preparatory works include cleansing mosaic of St. Sebastian and the transfer of the body of Blessed Innocent XI. In the place where it should rest the body of John Paul II, on both sides of the statues of Pius XI and Pius XII. In place of choice influenced by the proximity to the entrance of the chapel, which will make it easier to access the many pilgrims, according to "Vatican Radio."



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