A ghost town. Meeting place of heaven and earth


Elena Gordin


As soon as it no name — and the "phenomenon", and miraculously, and a bridge between the past and the future, and the meeting place of heaven and earth — the mysterious, old Aryan city Arch. This ghost town takes in a not everyone. I know of cases where people confidently and purposefully leaving for Arch (located in the Chelyabinsk region, on the border with Kazakhstan), so up to him and did not get. Then suddenly let down health glohla the machine, the tire went down, that there were any unexpected but urgent and pressing matters that made the trip impossible.



To visit the Arkaime one desire is not enough — need to "ripen" to the point where the soul of man will be ready to answer all his concerns.

Random (?) Find

Exactly half a century ago, first talked about Arkaime. The military, which produced aerial photography in the wilderness, found a clear circles, it is the correct form, but to explain their origin or destination could not. After twenty years in the dried steppe began to build a dam on the river Big Karaganka to flood Arkaim valley and make it into a reservoir. However, when the building was nearly completed, the builders discovered the first layers of obscure circles resembling a fortress. And then it became clear that there is an ancient underground city, which until now no one has yet been known.




The ancient city was fenced massive outer wall of a perfectly round shape. A lot of mazes, hits and niches made this ancient city like a fairy-tale castle. And the most amazing thing — an arch built with strict compliance with the laws of the higher mathematics of oriented to the cardinal to the minute! It has now become clear that the arch — it is an ancient observatory. According to the accuracy of orientation Arkaim correspond only to the Egyptian pyramids, but they are that way for two years younger than the miracle of the city.

Some experts say that the arch — a place where God himself came down, others that it is a place where the alien ships landing, and others — it is a window into another world. In fact, accurate information, which was built Arkiam and why its inhabitants are suddenly left the city and burned it to the ground, there is still no.

Arch now — it's flat steppe, and a bird's eye can see two concentric rings, shaft, half-overgrown with grass. It is a mysterious place where you can experience the unexplained by modern science visual effects, vibration, air, hear strange noises.



City wizards

4000 years ago, Arch inhabited the ancient Aryans, who, according to historians, came here from the sunken continent Artik in the Arctic Ocean. The ancient Aryans possessed occult teachings to perfection and "communicate" with the stars of "you". As it became known after the excavation of the ancient city, the residents Arkaima were very well developed — they owned the technology of metal, a highly developed metallurgical and agricultural skills.

It is said that the ancient Aryans — is the most perfect race and all its representatives were hypnosis, telekinesis and other superpowers, including communication with the spirits of the dead. For good reason, even now, in our day, in Arkaime can often see ghosts, souls of people who wander in front of the stunned tourists in the wilderness. Sometimes meet new visitors Arkaima rushing herd of wild horses or vortex ferocious steppe birds. A moment … and the vision disappears as if it never happened.


They say that in Arkaime everyone sees what he was destined to see. Some hear voices that whisper in their ear important words, others feel the presence of something close to an otherworldly, mysterious and inexplicable.

The sky in the palm of your hand

The sky above Arkaima very low, it seems that you can go up on tiptoes and touch it with his hand. Especially the night sky looks seductively Arkaima — a huge moon and stars completely unrealistic. Caught on Arch on the second or third day understand why they were here, they need to understand (explain yourself), and what kind of a sign of fate brings them the ancient city.

This is a place that attracts artists and poets, magicians and psychics, creative people and … the lost souls. It is said that on 21 June and 21 September at the Arch descends from heaven a powerful flow of cosmic energy that can feel even the most uneducated people in esoteric matters.



There were times when travelers arriving by Arch out of curiosity or in the hope to understand something important for themselves, suddenly disappeared on the day — two, and then appeared out of nowhere. They argue that all this time communicated with the ancient priests who gave them advice on how to live.

A case where the steppe eagle, long circling over a group of tourists suddenly disappeared. Some time later, he appeared again, chose a girl from the group, and wherever she went, hovered nearby, looking at her from the sky. The girl was very nervous, and then, after hearing from other travelers told about miracles Arkaima calmed down. Well, just circling, then it should be. Surprisingly, as soon as she relaxed, her hand dropped eagle feather, and the bird flew away, and she did not return. It is said that the eagle feather girl kept as a mascot, and it subsequently brought her good luck.

Arch included in the list of seven wonders of the world. About miracles happening in the ancient city, tell us a lot, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish reality from fiction. What is going on out there actually, you can see just by visiting a ghost town. Of course, if you have to let yourself.

Illustrations from the sites: www.indostan.ru, www.utravel.ru, nr2.ru, www.planeta.tc.

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