A resident of California, a clear UFO photographed over the building of the museum


A resident of Santee, Calif., accidentally recorded on camera an unidentified object flying over the historic museum. The assurances of the Americans, the anomalies often occur near the historic building.

In the city of Santee is a museum Edgemoor Barn (Edzhmursky barn), which used to be part of a dairy farm, built in 1913. In 1923, the farm was used as a home for the elderly and geriatric hospitals, and 60 years later, this place has become a museum at the historical society, and was entered in the National Register of Historic Places U.S..

May 7, 2013-year member of the Historical Society — Ellen Henry — decided to update the photos of the logo of the former barn in honor of the 100th anniversary of the museum. She came out of the building and took a few shots barn, when the camera stopped working.

The woman returned to the room and wanted to see the results of their work: she loaded the picture data into the computer, and then enlarge the image. "I saw a speck during his pictures, but did not attach any importance to this — says Ellen. — But when I took a closer estimated insect, I realized that I captured something that I had never seen."

The American showed a strange flying object members of the historical society, which is not too surprising shots. The fact that the near and in the building of the museum often occur anomalies: in the shadow of a human figure or foot stomping sounds.

Participants in the society even wound up, "Journal of spirits", which describes numerous incidents that defy logical explanation.

Place of alleged UFOs visit visited the journalist who asked Henry the following questions: "Could there be an unidentified object plane? Perhaps a picture — it's a blurry image insect?"

"I grew up in a military environment, so familiar with the types of aircraft. I can confidently say that it was not one of the fighters who are mistaken for UFOs. Besides, I did not even hear the distant sound of an airplane. During shooting, I not seen around insects, and the object does not look like a fly or a drone "- quoted a woman Huffington Post.

Correspondents local TV channel noted one oddity — the sudden cessation of the camera. According to them, the witnesses of UFO sightings are often reported on such a malfunction, electronics.

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