A walk through a minefield

A walk through a minefieldAugust 23 at the site Ashuluk that in the Astrakhan region detonated ammunition. As a result, accidents, killing six soldiers. 12 man wounded. According to police disk imaging, blast in the process of disposing of ammunition. The situation at the site is not unique — ammunition began to explode military depots with suspicious regularity.

First, a similar state of emergency in June came in Udmurtia. The fire and the following explosions took place in the arsenal of the village Pugachevo. As a result, the incident has died one people, and the number of the wounded more than 100 people. Damaged more than 3 thousand buildings, and damage from the accident exceeded $ 2 billion. And almost the other day, May 26, near the village of Urman, in Bashkiria area arsenal of artillery fire also appeared to have been provoked detonate 120-mm artillery ammunition. Then hit 12 people, 3 of them came to the clinic. In Umraniye burned 40 buildings, 14 of their houses, so Makarov, homeless left more than 100 people. The real damage has exceeded 100 million rubles.

It's just downright recent history. An old munitions are torn in Russia for decades, and no lessons from this can not be ejected, and how much-or harsh measures to prevent similar incidents, it seems, is not taken.

For example, in 1992, with the country of Mongolia Russian troops had removed about 1,800 tanks and 1.5 million artillery shells and systems. From the border of ammo far not taken away. They stockpiled nearby village of Goose Lake The Selenga region of Buryatia. 9 years later, in 2001, in one of the warehouses is a draft sucked fireball. Of course, the fire started and true doomsday: ammunition scattered into small and large pieces in a radius of 10 km-ka. Then a few man lost their lives and health.

Immediately after the disaster authorities have promised to dismantle hell arsenal. But their own words they are so often happens, not kept. In the area of Goose Lake bursts lasting up to date! All because of copper "belts" of munitions that are trying to extract from the ground to the locals delivered to a metal. The number of victims is striking: in 10 years killed 74 people, among whom 12 children. In particular, it is disappointing that live in the village, in the main unemployed, which ordinarily have nothing to earn a living, and that's necessary for people to gather death camp. Collect ammunition — a tempting business: bucket rounds on Fri receiving nonferrous metal is worth 5 thousand rubles.

As they say scientists of the Buryat Institute of Nature, Gusinoozerskaya land for about 50 years, will continue to supply from its own column remnants of ammunition. In addition, the ammunition found in the ground and in the lake, are very fragile and can not be transported. They can only be disposed in place.

In Russia stockpiles of ammunition exploding just endlessly. In this case, it is usually the other day some revisions. We must assume that by undermining the hidden arsenals ordinary theft. Background of fires and explosions are usually the same: extinguished cigarette or lightning strike. Let us hope that the subsequent lightning does not cater to one of the biggest in Russia ammunition depots, located near Ulan-Ude, near the village of Taltsy, where about 17,000 cars with old ammunition.

After the catastrophe of 2001, the Administration of the Republic of Buryatia has finally begun to pay attention to cleaning the Goose Lake and the surrounding districts of ammunition. To 2008. for recycling has been allocated 400 million rubles. But these funds without any trace missing. Until arsenals, of course, did not get a penny. The then President of Buryatia L.Potapov postponed cleaning disaster area indefinitely. A sample area to protect and organize its protection inconclusive.

In 2010. the current president of Buryatia V.Nagovitsyn assured Putin to allocate 283 million rubles for the clearance area. Part of the funds expected in the spring of 2011, was even declared the tender for land reclamation. But the auction was abruptly canceled. Means again disappeared in an unknown place! Complaints to the State Duma and the Prosecutor General's Office went unanswered.

Interestingly, army warehouses continue to explode despite the fact that in the Bashkir village Sterlitamak long been idle a large factory "Avangard", specializing in the disposal of ammunition. The plant is able to utilize up to 120 tons of shells per month. Instead, the plant has been a couple of years, there is only due to random orders. Specialists businesses have learned to not just recycle ammunition, and even of them to create a peaceful production. Of rocket bodies "Hurricane" good fences can be made.

In the country there was a paradoxical situation: the presence of large deposits of ammunition for disposal, plant, capable of day and night to make the direct functions, sends workers to leave without!

A possible explanation of this situation may be the fact that in the not to distant future military arsenals will be converted to a public company. This was even reported to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

Privatization arsenals could be one of the most irresponsible decisions in the history of the army. Storage and disposal of ammunition should only deal with competent people under the strict supervision of professionals in the Defense Ministry, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, — the last Black Sea Fleet Commander Vladimir Komoedov.

Scientists have put forward this proposal was: verbovaniya capital by large businesses interested in expanding their own business in Goose Lake can organize casting and rolling creation, which will be able to create more than 100 thousand tons of steel a year. At first, to facilitate the initial organization of production tasks, you can use the shells and the remains of military equipment. In the coming raw material for the production of scrap metal can be brought from the adjacent regions, as with the neighboring country of Mongolia.

But the reality is such that the federal government continues to ignore the suggestions of economists, businessmen and military professionals, so, unfortunately, expect more fireworks come soon.

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