ABM extends to China

ABM extends to ChinaU.S. can arrange elements own defense, not only in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the Philippines. In addition to North Korea, South American and part of the system will cover the areas of China, whose military buildup in region very worried about Washington. Experts believe that China does not plan to leave the U.S. without an answer and can even begin to work together with Russia.

USA caused the point to accommodate the Asian parts of its own missile defense system.

As said on Thursday the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the new planned accommodation of early warning radar in one of the southern islands of the Land of the Rising Sun vpribavok to already available in the north of the country, and the Philippines.

On its own plans to expand the boundaries of defense and position the elements, not only in Europe, and in Asia and the Middle East, Washington announced this spring. South American Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs Madeleine Creedon then said that we can talk about areas of Australia, the Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea.

With all of this, she said that the model for the creation of the "missile shield" in Asia and the Middle East, Washington considers its own current "phased-adaptive approach" to the deployment of such systems being implemented at the moment in Europe.

A little earlier the United States announced their intention to place a military base on the Australian mainland. With all this snow-white house does not hide the fact that the main danger to the region He believes China. Namely, as stated then south american favorite of Barack Obama, the U.S. and the small Asian country has long been concerned that Beijing has territorial claims to the islands in the South China Sea. Washington considers the area of strategic principle, because through it in the United States every year are trading vessels, the price of goods which is seeking $ 1.2 billion.

"With the increasing presence China increasing responsibility. Fundamentally, that they played by the rules ", — he noted then.

"Creating another naval base specifically targeted against the resurgent China. U.S. always try to use at least some chance when there is some kind of a gap, and go there to get into a military sense. Not in vain, and China was not invited to this Pacific Partnership, which includes Australia, Brunei, Bimbo Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia. There are other members directly asking the question: why not China? And China has it that he asked for it can not, and the invitation was not "- said in this connection, the newspaper gaze deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on international affairs Communist Leonid Kalashnikov.

Concerns about the expansion of the areola of the American missile defense is not a time to speak and our homeland. "While we focus primarily on the European direction. But I can assure you that we are closely looking manner and for other areas, and we are concerned that begins to occur in the Far East. We are concerned about what may happen in the Gulf region and the Middle East in general. When we know better about the geography of the American-based or combined with South American allies in Asia and the Middle East forces and resources in other regions, we create the appropriate conclusions, "- commented on the news of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

At the moment, the U.S. did not hide the fact that the emergence of missile defense in Asia will allow them to cover not only the countryside North Korea, because of the threat which the Tipo and deployed system in the region and part of the area China: America cares not only the brutal attitude of China over the disputed islands, and increasing government stockpiles of anti-ballistic missiles that could threaten the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

Beijing did not comment on Washington's missile defense plans, but voiced some nuances. "China has always believed that a missile defense issues should be handled with great care. We stand for the fact that all parties to fully respect and accommodate each other's security interests and tried to embody the overall safety on the basis of mutual benefit, "- said in a statement the country's defense ministry.

Russian experts do not hesitate, that the main purpose of the U.S. missile defense plans region is China. "Other states that may constitute a danger to the United States, there is in this sense does not exist. Apart from Korea, which has ballistic missiles, but do not think for the sake of the United States will deploy a strong defense system ", — explained the newspaper's gaze vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems captain of the first rank Konstantin Sivkov.

In all this he is confident that China will not delay the answer. "Deployment of a missile defense system in the region will find quite stiff opposition from China, which is expressed in the diplomatically demarches and will have a practical implementation. For example, in terms of an economic stake, perhaps even sanctions, including in the form of enhanced action on the Chinese diaspora areas and other regions of the United States, "- he described.

The expert added that this may be followed by appropriate military manufacturing from China. "China can deploy a full-scale construction of intercontinental ballistic missiles in order to account for the increase in the number of these missiles allow for a reliable overcome missile defense systems and to make the necessary measure of military threat to the United States," — explained Sivkov.

According to him, "these criteria to China, of course, be profitable to consolidate their efforts with Russia." "In terms of the deployment of anti-missile defense system China is significantly stepping up its cooperation with Russia," — he concluded.

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