ABM from Vancouver to Vladivostok

ABM from Vancouver to Vladivostok

Two or three years back our military peak refers to the development of relations in the field of missile defense (BMD) with the U.S. and NATO very skeptical. The turning point came after President Obama announced that the United States shall be removed from the plans to deploy parts of the public defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. The will create a joint missile defense system in Europe has been expressed at the highest level — this is definitely expressed by the President of the Russian Federation and the United States, the secretary general NATO, and the chief of Russian General Staff, Army General Makarov general said that "no missile defense in Europe is impossible without Russia's role." But the practical steps for the declarations were not received, and some Russian experts have argued that "the project of joint missile defense and we do not really need," that he "practically unrealizable because of the incompatibility of systems" that "the proposed NATO members system ABM is not clear (against whom she who will be there to press the button), "Well, in general it is" technical issue. " Severe error.

In fact, the theme of the creation of a joint missile defense in the day or agenda of our relations with the U.S. and the West are important. She still weightier and cooperation on Afghanistan, and even a new contract for the reduction of strategic offensive arms. If it is decided to develop a joint missile defense system "from Vancouver to Vladivostok", as it offers to the NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, our homeland and NATO, Our homeland and the U.S. are not just allies, and supersoyuznikami. After all, even partners in the Warsaw Pact Moscow sought to prevent their development on missile defense, and of Washington to nedavneshnego time without going hunting for cooperation in this field with its allies.

As to the question of technological and organizational comparability of missile defense systems of the Russian Federation and the United States, a positive answer is given to him long ago, and our military, civilians and spices. On the other and could not have been in a period of confrontation, we are very closely watching a string and almost all borrowed. Russian Defense Minister Serdyukov on this occasion said: "The results confirmed the possibility of comparability of Russian and NATO systems can significantly improve the effectiveness of missile defense." Disputes over control of "button" and the decision-making procedure in a joint missile defense system — the blank: when you are flying rockets, anything open a discussion later, the team of their winding up must be taken in automatic mode. Against any missile threats based system, clear though what the harsh professionals: a joint missile defense system to protect not only against single missile launches, and many of the 10-s of warheads, and in the long term — not only from the intermediate-and lower-range, and against intercontinental missiles. According to another does not make sense to contrive such an expensive project. If it created a powerful and effective joint missile defense with our vsepolnotsennym role, becoming silly arguments about our entry or non-entry into NATO, eliminates the question of mutual nuclear deterrence between the member countries of the system.

Necessarily have to lead a long and tough negotiations on how to make our homeland was an extra in the latest joint missile defense system. "We appreciate the idea of the proposal — said President Medvedev in Deauville. — I think that NATO itself needs to understand in what respect there behold the accession of the Russian Federation to the system that it will give, in what way can be achieved by agreement and as further work. " Nor can it be limited to the joint implementation of our radars in Armavir and Gabala. It is not enough, and the creation of the Joint Data Exchange Center of ballistic missiles: the integration should be more profound and essential. Our anti-aircraft missile systems distant radius acts of C-400 and C-500 are promising a fully competitive and should take its rightful place in a joint missile defense system is not only on the areas of our country. Russia's ability to phase into orbit gallakticheskih aircraft for this system is also very necessary to use. In this case, a significant part of the Russian military-industrial complex can be an equal participant in this project.

In recent weeks, the situation in the triangle Moscow — Brussels — Washington is beginning to fundamentally change. The process of reconciliation between Russia and the West after the war in Georgia in 2008, we ran across a real dialogue on the approximation. This was of course after the statement of Dmitry Medvedev that he still flies Nov. 19 summit in Lisbon on our homeland — NATO. Neither our home nor the West can not allow yourself to miss out on a chance for the upcoming integration: the very serious challenges that are presented to them the twenty-first century, to cope alone with them will not do. Creation of a joint missile defense system — this is the "thread", with which we can work together to unravel the whole ball of contradictions Mezhuyev Russia, the U.S. and NATO, we have inherited from the times of war cool.

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