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UFO near Yekaterinburg

Another news about UFO sightings come from Yekaterinburg. Eyewitnesses describe that on May 12 in the evening sky over the city were seen four rapidly moving from west to east glowing object. Though their rate was not lower than that of jet fighters, and they were flying low enough engine sound no one has heard. UFO in the sky to form a kind of diamond, while in the corners. The movement of this group was straightforward.

Soon there were two more of the same object, followed one another. At some point, the "master" suddenly turned smoothly and flew to the other side.

On that evening, half an hour there were 12 such UFO follow singly or in groups. Unfortunately, the high speed flight is not allowed to make a video or photos of good quality. The assurances of the witnesses, the objects produced frightfulness and did not look like anything he had seen previously. Seriously considered version of the alien origin of the phenomenon.

Local ufologists have already started collecting evidence. Also, there is a check on the man made version of the earthly origin of these aircraft.

The lens — an angel?

Internet users have recently attracted great interest in the video, posted on the website Youtube, which show a strange and perhaps even mystical event. As the user who put the video, it was filmed in September of last year, a surveillance camera at the entrance to the supermarket, located on the southern outskirts of the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

First, we see not too busy street, lighted lanterns. By Commerce held a couple of people, and nothing foreshadows what will happen to the seventh second record. Suddenly, from above, at high speed drops a glowing object with as it may seem, the appearance of an angel. Finding himself on the ground, it adds the "wings", and then straightens them, as if pushed, soars, disappearing in the upper right corner of the screen. The phenomenon lasts only a second, but in the meantime you can see that there was something that goes beyond understanding.

Likely event attracted passers-by, because after a while to the point where the landed "angel", people start to come running. But their efforts to prevent any examination results, and the video ends.

Curiously, the experts in security systems, studied this movie, sure of the authenticity of the recording. According to them, strange things often fixed CCTV cameras. But in practice it turns out that this is just gnats, moths or fluff caught in the lens, but being out of focus and quite close. Experts are easy to learn. Indonesian as "angel" is not like a midge — it glows and also has a pretty impressive size. Otherwise, people would not notice his arrival.

Now experts on anomalous phenomena are going not only to do a thorough examination of video, but also to go to the scene to find a witness the phenomenon of "angel."

Invisible in the supermarket?

Strange event has recently been captured on a surveillance camera in the U.S. IGA supermarket in Adelaide. According to a recording made in the night, when the institution was closed, with shelves cluttered with food, as if someone's a strong push came off almost a meter box of chocolates. A careful viewing shows clearly that the box does not fall by itself and is influenced by some external force.

Probably, many remember the novel by HG Wells' The Invisible Man, "in which the protagonist, being visually crystal clear for a while was forced to hide in a department store, where you can sleep peacefully at night and eat food exposed on the shelves. It is therefore logical that if the presently invisible man did exist, he would surely have chosen as a shelter supermarket, similar to that which occurred in the above incident.

However, the shop owner Norm Hurst inclined to write off all the tricks of the poltergeist, because the purchase of the building the former owners had warned him that there may be "strange things." However, then Hearst did not attach any importance, but by looking at the record became convinced that his institution "not all clean."

Director of the local Bureau of Investigation Paranormal Adelaide Paranormal Detectives Pulvirenti Jessica also thinks that was involved in a ghost. At present, the building they want to record a background sound to detect electronic voice phenomenon, and probably spend a rite of purification.

Well, even if invisible man indeed had built her nest in the hypermarket, the Ghostbusters have not let him live in peace. Poor thing will have to look for a spot quieter.

Earth's first cyborg

When a resident of Ireland Neil Harbisson was a child, his parents could not understand why their son in dealing with them and playing games with other children hardly at color names, preferring only the words "black", "white" and "gray". It was only some time later, they found out that the boy from a rare birth anomaly — it is completely devoid of color vision. In this case, Neil can not be called color-blind, because it confuses some colors, and sees the world in shades of gray, that is suffering from achromatopsia.

As a young man growing up, studying the features of the disease, decided by all means learn to fully see. As a result, he became acquainted with one inventor who has designed for him a device that recognize colors and about him to the sounds of different tone.

Due to keen ear for music Neil quickly learned to read with the help of sounds 360 shades of 7 basic colors and invisible even to healthy people ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Now the 29-year-old Irishman has his camera on his head from morning to night, and even persuaded the police to allow him to be photographed in this way for a passport, because the device has become an integral part of his body.

But that's not all. Looking to the future, Neil needs to put on his passport to the effect that he is a cyborg … because with the "electronic eye" features his body significantly enhanced compared to ordinary people. If the plan of man's work, then he can become the first official cyborg in history.

It is worth noting that, when this article came to the table expert "anomalous news" hereditary witch Irene, she, to our surprise, she decided her comment. Here is what she said: "I am very glad that this young man, in spite of his illness, not only regained his color vision, but also surpassed human nature in this matter. However, I would like to briefly explain the reasons for this "disease."

The fact is that in a past life spiritual essence of Neil embodied in one of the infernal worlds, that is, in the world where sunlight is absent in our understanding, but because my eyes are not needed. Existence there can be called suffering, and life — survival. Only a tremendous spiritual forces can cause the inhabitants of this world after death into the world, which by the standards of this universe is very good, that is not an infernal. (However, people who have not lived in the lower realms, do not appreciate.)

Once in heaven, to whom the earth is in relation to the planet, Neil was not able to engage in full view of their bodies — the mental impact "installation", brought to the world of darkness. But the will to live is still led him to the problem. Given the spiritual force that has this man, there is a good chance that in the next life he will be on the planet with even better conditions, where the development of the individual is placed above the property. This is the place where they would get those who want to improve themselves. "

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