Acquisition of civilian liability insurance policy

The acquisition policy of liability insuranceAdopted legislation found that after 5 days of buying a car, every car owner must purchase liability insurance policy tool. Given policy, which by common name "avtorazhdanka", provides insurance for case damage to life, health or property of the victim. If owner the car does not fit designed CTP policy, he will not be able to get pass inspection or put a ton on the account. Also in the case of tragedy will not be able to own a car to get compensation.

If drivers chose to ignore the law and generally decided not to enter into a contract of insurance civilian responsibility, it is threatened by a fine. The penalty for lack of insurance is necessary in the amount of 500-800 rubles. If winner, though a policy CTP, but have forgotten it, for example, at home, it is a fine will be $ 100. Also fine is paid by the traffic police during the arrest, in this case the car driven by a person that is not included in the insurance, even if the power of attorney. Fine in this case will have to pay at the rate of 300 rubles.

Price Design civilian liability insurance policy is calculated using a special calculator. Its value is affected by several major reasons: to whom belongs car — Natural or legal person, the type of machine, its power, the base tariff rate. Also on the price of the policy affects the driver's age, driving experience, term insurance ton, the location of the owner of the car and much more.

After the expiration of the period of insurance within 30 days of the insurer has the right to declare the termination of the contract, but not later than two months. Otherwise, the term of the insurance is automatically extended.

In any case, immediately after the acquisition ton to take care of purchasing CTP policy. Meanwhile, you can protect themselves and their loved ones from various nasty things on the road and excessive fines.

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