Acquisition of Russian armored vehicles has been proven Bangladesh

Acquisition of Russian armored personnel carriers was confirmed by Bangladesh

"Jane's Defence Weekly," English weekly, said acquisition additional batch of Russian armored personnel carriers (APCs) will be implemented Bangladesh. These APCs will be used, with the participation of the armed forces in peacekeeping missions, the United Nations bands.

The publication notes that the contract for acquisition BTR signed in 2011. This agreement will almost certainly reflects the need to purchase additional 80 cars for the armed forces Bangladesh. Likely to be purchased BTR-80 Arzamas Machine Building Plant (AMZ), which comes in a "military-industrial company" (MIC).

For the armed forces Bangladesh since the 90s have been several batches of BTR-80. The total number assigned to a true time machine was more than 200 units. Acquired earlier BTR-80 more uses UN peacekeepers Sun Bangladesh. Its population is about 9,000 people.

For example, for the Army Bangladesh in 2006 Arzamas Machine-Building Plant has put the party BTR-80 in the amount of 60 pieces.

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