Activists of Grodno join the action paruchennya

From now beginning to share in the Grodno BPF members. Members of the party, and everyone will be able to sign a personal stationery paruchennya for prisoners who are now in the KGB prison that during the investigation have been released.

Regional structure of the Belarusian Popular Front activist Maxim Gubarevich said that party members support the decision of the Diet and therefore took up the case. In the words of Gubarevich he saw in Minsk, hundreds of ordinary citizens put their signatures to these blanks:

"This is important not only in terms of law. We are well aware of the country in which we live, that it is not all depends on the law. But it is important in terms of solidarity with the people, who are now in custody, and that the power structures that hold them, see that there are ordinary people, not indifferent to the fate of political prisoners. "

Maxim Gubarevich says that the signatures they collect all political prisoners, regardless of party, and other accessories.

In Slonim share paruchennya also supported by members of the regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front. The Head of Ivan Sheha says that so far the party members write letters and send postcards to prisoners of "American." What to stock paruchennya, he believes that it should be done, although in our case is unlikely to go any fruit:

Yes, it is a manifestation of solidarity with the prisoners, but it looks like a hunger strike, which is nothing on impact.

"This is not a democratic state, where such methods can achieve something. Yes, it is a manifestation of solidarity with the prisoners, but it looks like a hunger strike, which is nothing on impact, because we have absolutely amoral power. "

Another member of the Slonim activists Ales Masuk, believes that now is the moment when it is necessary to use all possible methods for the release of prisoners:

"I think that now it is still necessary to use any form of support and solidarity with political prisoners — everything that we can. The other, of course, the question of how it will work, but our current mode we have a small selection. "

An activist from Smorgon Ales Dergachov believes that action should be distributed on paruchennya equal, not limited to one Grodno region:

"In this situation all legal methods make sense. And this is one of the viable options to release political prisoners. However, agavarusya that he would be able to work in a democratic country, and quite real … "


Prisoners Solidarity

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