Adoption of the Magnitsky list will lead response

Adoption of the "Magnitsky list" will lead responseAs you know, the South American senators going to make the next move stallion in terms of relations with Russia. The course this is not to just cancel the unfortunate Jackson-Vanik amendment that limits commercial matters between the United States and our government since the mid-70s of the last century, and immediately take this so called list Magnitsky, allowing to freeze the bank accounts of those Russians whom U.S. officials suspected of human rights violations.

Of course, saying that the abolition of the Jackson-Vanik amendment to the simultaneous adoption of the new limiter for Russia — the "Act Magnitsky"- South American legislators understand that Moscow is not in debt. And all we can assume that the founders of the modern linking trade relations and demonstrate Tipo democratic norms were deliberately inflicting on provocation in order to try to cause the RF response.

The desire to call itself fully consistent with manic thought in certain U.S. Senators to hurt Russia, come what may.
Of course the fact that the host at the time the Jackson-Vanik amendment, in fact, no work had to how to let the Russian Union of Jewish emigration. The essence of these amendments, regulations and lists is to expose another portion of the Russian Federation claims, with which to produce pressure on the government. After all, if we assume that the South American political elites simply and bluntly cancel all stops in bilateral relations with the Russian Federation, it is, in their view, will be an opportunity for voters to question the possibility of the U.S. government as before to keep his nose to the wind and the castle's own grip not reduced. A retention of the nose to the wind and the tight grip of American politics just yet and is likely to accept the "Magnitsky Act". According to the positions of the act, the South American authorities will be able to fully freeze the accounts of Russian people in the U.S. banks refuse a visa to those they deem necessary.

By the way, as the parliament of the United States just will link the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik amendment to the adoption of Magnitsky list, the State Department in a short time will have to be this very list issue. Now in this list, which in the U.S. call list Cardin (named after the senator proposed it) were 60 Russians. In this list there are quite scandalous names, for example investigator Nelly Dmitriev, which in Russia is held on criminal charges of accepting a bribe in especially large sizes (3 million dollars). Included in the list of 11 arbitrators, namely referee Alexei Krivoruchko working in the town of Tver court of Moscow. Known Krivoruchko except Magnitsky case that upheld the verdict of the judge Borovkova the case of disobedience of the favorites of so-called opposition movement "White Ribbon" law enforcement personnel. As a result of the verdict Alexei Navalny and Ilya Yashin to 15 days. And specifically, it is basically possible South American Senator Cardin to draw attention to the referee Krivoruchko. Apparently, Cardin decided that Krivoruchko was required to make only a verdict of not guilty in that case. But surprisingly not even that. Surprisingly then, that South American senators something very selectively apply to Russian investigative and judicial systems. As a business, one way or another, for the protest movements, the gentlemen of the South American Parliament here as here. But if there is a speech about ordinary judicial decisions which often cause even greater resonance in-Russian, it's the same Cardin's not enough worries.

In this regard, one can state that the list of Magnitsky, who may soon increase substantially, thanks to creative activity of Mrs. Clinton, there is nothing else as an attempt to divide the Russians in the "right" and "wrong" with the only democratic American point of view. Same Sen. Cardin carefully outlines the corruption of each of those who got in his list. But why, then, sir Cardin be buried in this list, for example, who was the ideologist of predatory privatization 90s, why not in his list of people who, under the banner of reform almost kneeling Russian economy and the social sphere, bringing people to unrelieved poverty. It turns out that the non-payment of several months of wages, pensions and social benefits in the same 90 — this is not a violation of human rights? ..

In fact very simple: a list of Magnitsky on which Moscow is ready to offer its own version of the response, it is an ordinary politician — a typical shield, which once again feel the need to hide behind the U.S. authorities of Russian "aggression". At least, the voters who are in the United States with a tender age to the fact that our homeland — a country of barbarians and savages, the Senators will have the necessary support. After all, a ghostly banner of struggle for human rights in the world — is a powerful incentive for the average Yankees drop a note with the correct ballot in the ballot box during the voting.

In this regard, it is necessary to raise the question: whether the reply Yankees on their "acts" and "list"? The Kremlin believes that it is necessary. Someone with that position might disagree, saying what it is we, say, have begun to protect the corrupt, the accounts of which have long time to freeze. And no one to protect the corrupt and does not reflect. After all, it is clear that the list Magnitsky at least some beautiful moment can grow out of "light" in the case of the attorney investigators and arbitrators, for example, to the Russian athletes, entrepreneurs and other individuals whom the Yankees will simply not cost-effective to let into the country. After all, the "Magnitsky Act" — this is the usual case, which will allow to freeze the bank accounts of at least some Russians outside the country. Neuzh makarom so that Americans have themselves set for the promotion of Russian ruble: store, he says, means at home …

Because in the back list can fully enter such notorious South American citizens as arbitrator Shira Sheindlin, sentenced Viktor Bout to 25 years in prison. It would be superfluous here and make the most of Senator Cardin, who with his list clearly deprives a person of liberty of movement and freedom to manage their foreign exchange funds. May expand the list of South American generals who gave the orders to destroy the peaceful inhabitants of Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia.

Another thing is that these citizens in Russia in recent years is unlikely to gather, and of funds in rubles in the Russian banks in their most likely not. Because we have to admit that even if the Russian parliament took the initiative to make their own "back list", then it is unlikely it will be possible to refer to the fact Damocles sword that hangs over the heads "democratizers the world." A means that if they allow any response to the "Magnitsky Act", it should be taken as read, asymmetric. Here transfer money from the stabilization fund of U.S. dollars into another currency — that would be the answer. Just speak out so, who are going for it now …

Therefore remains to wait that still meant Russian politics, expressing readiness to provide its own response to slander the South American Senate with a list of Magnitsky. Let's hope that these measures do not prove the obvious response
hysteria, and will force the U.S. government to really think about what their position is far from constructive.

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