Adventures of Italians in Russia

The Adventures of Italians in Russia

Italians already in. In the photo — fighting vehicles on the wharf seaport city-hero of Novorossiysk. The adventure begins.

Tests of Italian military vehicles that pass in Russia as part of the transition to the Army wheeled vehicles, will be held without the participation of Russian military. As told to "Izvestia" in the Defense Ministry, organizes tests of "Oboronservis." With all of this command or the Army nor the management of head Armored Directorate for these tests are not invited.

— Almost foreign technology, created for troops experienced by people who matter to these forces do not have. Maybe "Oboronservis" first learns the ability of machines, and later have enticed the military to investigate the implementation of these capabilities in parts of the land. But the lack of military trials at military hardware looks amazing — explained the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

With all of this at this point in the organizational structure of the Army no parts and units, which could place these machines — fighting ability of Italian cars do not fit into any one type of Russian Army brigades.

But the tank expert, chief editor of the industry magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor Murakhovski believes that "Centaurs" can be put into service average teams.

— Wheel Technology Ministry of Defense paid excessive attention in the framework of the decisions taken. The Italians motivate us first tackle boxes, assembly, location crew and ammunition — explained Murakhovski.

Earlier, the expert explained that the wheeled equipment is much more mobile than the caterpillar.

In turn, the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko told "Izvestia" that the supply of another 2-car means continued testing the Italian wheeled vehicles to the comparison with Russian realities. With all this, he stressed that before deciding to purchase these machines, they certainly should be checked for sturdiness.

— In good, if they buy, you must first make sure that these machines possess the necessary level of protection — to undermine them, to fire. But as I know, the Italians were against fire and explosion own machines. This position is unlikely to change, — explained Makienko.

Tests running abilities "Centaurs" were studied at Alabino range in the suburbs all summer. For this purpose, two cars of different versions — one with a gun, 105 mm, and the other — 125 mm. In Alabino wheeled tanks moved under the control of the crew of IVECO, which produces them.

But newcomers to manage machines will, of course, already established military Italian army — of belonging to the armored forces acting tactically show signs and registration numbers of vehicles on the case.

Official comments from the Defense Ministry were not available.

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