Afghan President opening consulates in Qatar Taliban support

Afghan President opening representative offices in Qatar Taliban supportHamid Karzai, the Afghan president, supports opening Consulates in Qatar "Taliban", as the efforts of the United States in the negotiation process with this organization. In a statement, the favorite Afghanistan notes that the negotiations between the Taliban and the United States could save the country from "komplotov, conflict and killings of peaceful inhabitants," reports Reuters.

Recall that the movement "Taliban" from the government of Qatar recently received permission to open consulate own organization in the capital of the country. Office in Doha, according to the extremists, will be used for the negotiation, the main purpose of which is to end the war in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that talks the opening of the Consulate movement abroad were carried out from the end of the year. It was assumed that the office will be opened in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but in the end Qatar agreed to host the Taliban.

Hamid Karzai on December 28 gave consent to the negotiations with the Taliban, and allowed them to open consulate in Qatar. Also Afghan Favourite stressed that if the United States insists on establishing contact with the militant group, Kabul on it goes.

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