Afghanistans president has said a lot of unnecessary

Afghanistan's president has said a lot of unnecessary

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has officially confirmed that South American diplomats are talks with representatives of the movement "Taliban". At the same time, he said, the meetings are held without the participation of representatives of the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai. According to experts, this means that the U.S. is quite disappointed with the Afghan president.

In Sunday's broadcast of CNN Pentagon chief said that negotiations with the Taliban began "a few weeks back," and it is too early read about achieving any progress. Robert Gates confirmed that the initiator of dialogue made by South American diplomats and participate in the negotiations representatives of other countries of the coalition. Pentagon chief declined to name which specific countries held meetings with the Taliban, but stressed that the official Kabul is not involved in the organization of the peace process.

"We always talk about the fact that this war, like much of the armed conflict must end political agreement — explained Robert Gates. — The question only is when it will happen and how serious about this are our potential partners." In general, according to the minister of defense, the fact of holding peace talks does not mean that the U.S. is trying as much as possible faster end to the war in Afghanistan. "I know that Americans are tired of this war — he said. — But, winning its first phase in 2001, the United States right up to 2008, almost did not direct attention to the situation in Afghanistan. And if we talk about the right strategy and the right resources to resolution of the conflict, they have appeared only in the late summer of 2010. "

The sudden recognition of the Pentagon chief, according to experts, suggests that Washington, hoping to make progress in negotiations with the Taliban, no longer wants to rely on the government of Hamid Karzai. A nedavneshnie harsh statements favorite Afghan professionals led again read severe cooling of relations between Washington and Kabul.

In recent months, the Afghan president has repeatedly criticized the coalition forces. In March, he claimed the U.S. and NATO immediately end the military operation, but at the end of May, the South American commanders accused of murdering the inhabitants, saying that if the practice of application of air strikes on Human Fri not revised, foreign troops may be declared enemies of the Afghan people. "History shows that the Afghans come to those who try to occupy their country," — he threatened.

On Saturday, speaking at the international youth conference in Kabul, Karzai said that is not going to thank the military coalition for their assistance. "They are here with their goals, make your own puzzles and services for these purposes use our land," — identified president Afghanistan. According to him, "occupation forces" have already caused irreparable damage to the environment Afghanistan and the effect of this would be "felt for a further 40-50 years."

"Whenever their plane takes off, it releases smoke. When they drop bombs, then our land fall of chemical substances. Our people are dying, but once tormented and nature" — listed claims Afghan favorite. He put a swing and program from international assistance, in accordance with that country's coalition in Afghanistan are building schools, roads and clinics. "They build these roads are not for us, and themselves, for their own huge trucks with big wheels" — highlighted Hamid Karzai.

Until next time Washington tried not to comment on such expressions Afghan leader. In personal conversations, State Department officials usually referred to the fact that the statements of the sovereign Karzai intended only for "internal audience and are designed to strengthen the position of the president among voters, lingering on long-standing presence of foreign troops." But the speech delivered by Afghan favorite in the weekend caused a sudden sharp reply.

Already on the day after salting the U.S. in Kabul, Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry said the South American side is ready to review its business with the government Afghanistan. "Help this country has already cost the Yankees are very expensive — he recalled. — And when we hear that we are considered invaders and they say that we are here in order to pursue their own interests, we do not litsezreem circumstances in order to be here . "

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