Age-old recipes of Russian healers to protect children

Age-old recipes of Russian healers to protect children from the evil eye damage, witchcraft slander

From olden times to protect children from evil healers used all sorts of rituals, which were a kind of action and mandatory recitation conspiracy. Can we use them today? That was the question asked by many readers. For the answer, we turned to several healers and magicians and heard the following:

If you do not believe in the power of magic, it is better not to try to apply it means — most likely, they will not help your child. After all, your inner strength, you have to give him during the ritual, not be involved. Your subconscious mind, the soul, call it whatever you want, do not respond and do not give the command to give the body the energy needed to neutralize the damage caused by a child. Because what is a rite of the conspiracy? This information program, which is being implemented in the human mind, and if it takes it seriously, the program is in effect. That's why they say that if you do not believe in magic, the magician can not hurt you. In modern language, this means that the program will not work. And you yourself, uttering empty words to you, do not change — the program will not work for you, therefore, to your child.

"There are, however, exceptions to this rule: you do not believe in a conspiracy, and decided to use it because tried all the means, and they do not help your daze. And then a miracle happens — a child starts to recover. How can this be? There are two explanation. Some say that a miracle happens when you only outwardly deny the magic, and deep down believe in it. Therefore, during the ritual your energy is released and sent to heal the baby. Others believe that it does in the other. gestures and sounds that is the essence rite — this is nothing but a special kind of information. Indeed act as the people dance and music, and at times very much. known that in ancient and medieval magicians with the rain dance, healed diseases

Who is right and who is not is hard to say. That is why we often write: try not be worse. These words are hidden explanation that it was now reduced. So those rituals that we have selected on the advice of healers and magicians, as tested (ie, current and current), it can not hurt. Check it out for yourself if your child happened one of those evils from which it can deliver the following rituals.

Better safe than sorry

When things make you give a child or family friends, and even more so to drive to the nursery or kindergarten, to protect it from damage and disease, it is necessary to carry out two of the rite.

Pour into a bowl of warm water and low bending over her, and say the seven words:

"Ramble their little child with tears in vain, from the terrible evils, bruised and in pain, and from serious ailments. Lock the parent of his word, guarding his love, save your business. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. "

After reading the plot thoroughly wash the child Blessed water.

Then, when you collect it, joke to dress in front of a new heart pin and carefully tip down. Sharp metal object is put aside the energy of evil, if it was sent by ordinary people or comes from other animals and plants. From professional magicians thus not be protected.


When a child lives in the village, the evil eye and the risk of damage is less than in the city, simply because of the fact that he meets a lot less people, including evil. Urban child is recommended not only ritual, putting protection, but the ritual of purification, to eliminate the effects of all the harmful effects that have been provided to him during the day. This is best done in the evening, if you drive it in the nursery or garden, or immediately after it was taken out of the "guests." The ritual is simple.

Let go of the cold water and wash her child, saying:

"With Utitsa water with baby lihotitsa from whom came from, and to convey. Who with bedoyu koryucheyu, to tear of fuel. "

Conspiracy need each time to read three times. Then boil hard boiled egg, peel it from the shell and roll it on the baby's tummy in the solar plexus — 11 times clockwise and 11 times counterclockwise. And so three times. A total of 66 times. Performing the ceremony, wrap the egg in the paper, and bury, or, better yet, burn in the fire.


If the child is frightened by a dog, an evil man, or his dreams nightmares (and this means that he has got into the habit to steal energy evil nature of the astral), we must do this. Buy a bigger church candles and melt the wax in any vessel. In another type of water. Seat the child at the door facing the door. Read the "Our Father", then say: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. " Now pour the melted wax into the water, reading the plot:

"Defence, Lord, baby (name), which scared the invisible ferocious beast. Let this beast, which makes it difficult (name) in the good life, toss on his fate. Amen. "


In the old days, if a child was crying day and night, a disease called polunochnitsa and poludennitsa. In general, the treatment of ailments of all plots were given their names, as if turning them into being — a living enemy. An enemy to man is easier to imagine him easier to fight than to something invisible and nameless.

Take a small piece of wood and burn it in the fire, to get the coal. Throw this piece of coal in a bowl with water (water should be running, not necessarily out of the river or source suitable and normal tap). Read the water three times a plot bent in this way. to your breathing related to water:

"The water keeps the mother in the left breast, poludennitsa midnight, midday polunochnitsa, day, night, midnight is not galsya not deans over the slave (th) of God (s) (child's name), my child baptized. Galsya, dean of black soot over transverse patitsey. Amen. "
This procedure should be carried out early in the morning. Sprinkle water nagovorennoy child three times — after the conspiracy, at noon and at bedtime.
It will not help the plot, try another ritual poite bedtime child Blessed with water, adding a teaspoon of honey. The plot is as follows:
"Sonya sonyatko, putting the little child,
Enveloped in a sleepy slumber mansion.

Establishments eyes, whisper three times:
— Spitko, posypatko, Sonya sonyatko to child asleep, baptized soul rest. Amen. "

Whisper vosled

That the child did not run away from you and nothing will happen on the street, read before a walk or drive him to release one, the next plot:
"Go, go, go out, do not lose yourself. God save you, return back to me. Amen. "

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