Aggression against the Dark Forces Births Great Race

Aggression against the Dark Forces Births Great Race


"But to come out of the World of Darkness gate of outlandish,
and the children of men will Verbs
flattering words, lies covered. "

God Perun.

What happens to us? This question is difficult to answer all our grandfathers — the same age of the 20th century, in front of which disappeared last empire of the Russian people, lost some wars, destroyed the foundation of morality of the people, ruined Nature, stolen and "prihvatizirovany" national wealth, and the worst thing is the extinction of the Russian people .

When it was necessary to raise the powers, Pyotr Stolypin said that "if the Empire takes my program, Russia will be able to survive and develop self-sufficient, independent of the world four and a half centuries. In this case, every twenty years half the population will increase, and all Russia will be native country. " For which he was killed Jews.

Especially start a world war, as the program of Stolypin transformed Russia into the system superiority, would allow the Russian Empire to evolve rapidly. So bleed off two fraternal system: the people of Germany and Russia. Bleed off, and the last empire collapsed.

Plan of Stolypin, we see that in 1910 we had 150 million people in China — 100 million if the program had performed Stolypin, in 1930 we had to be 300 million, and it would be. China — 200 million

In 1950 — 600 million in China — 400 million

In 1970 — 1.2 billion in China — 800mln.

1990 — In China, 2.4 billion — 1.6 billion

The fact that the proposed Stolypin automatically spread to a neighboring state, and they have implemented this program. They always come and take over our experience. Chinese fit into this schedule. We now have 100 million, then destroyed 2.5 billion Russian people.

Mortality in a given time period exceeds the birth rate from an estimated 1 million, according to others — to 2 million people. We should be in the range of three billion people.

You can take a map of China, home to 1 billion people. They live on the outskirts, near the ocean, and the rest — the mountains. On a small area of land is home to 1 billion people.

If these areas are put on the map of Russia, it turns out that Russia may live about 100 billion. Russia and feed themselves, and others, as Slavs have always lived in harmony with other people. All is in order. In China, it is possible, why can not we have it?

During the reign of Lenin and his Jewish environment in Russia, as of November 16, 1924, destroyed 30 million Slavs. In World War II — 55 million people, mostly Russian. After contemplating these figures, we can say that this does not yet know the genocide in world history.

But there are consequences of the genocide. Destroyed by the best people, both physically and morally, especially — in the genetic. War picked young, capable of giving a healthy offspring. That is one side.

C on the other hand, in the Russian towns and villages appears a growing number of people of non-Russian nationalities. There are whole streets and towns of Roma, Turks, Kurds, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Criminal organization in Russia clearly has the face of Caucasian-Jewish. This is in Russia they are Armenians, Georgians, Azeris, etc., in America, they immediately become Jews. Keep in mind that there is Slavic Armenians, Georgians, etc., and there are Jewish, who rushed for a team in Russia.

Imagine yourself the only white man living in the city, crowded black. You live in constant fear that one day break into your apartment. This can happen at any time.

Black kids — the gang members involved in a brutal business, robbing and killing each other. Entire home, spreading the stench of human excrement and general decay. After sunset is getting worse. You hear the gunshots in the night, cries and moans of someone beaten to death.

You do not dare go out after 22 hours. Silence does not exist. During the day, when you have to go to work or to the store, there is a risk of collision with a black Jewish racists who claim that "shed the blood of non-Jews is pleasing to God" (Talmud — The Holy Scriptures of the Jews).

All this proves the reality of the threat. They are the real power in your town, and the police refuse to help you. You're sitting in my room, knowing that black outnumbered the white population and the black racists hate you, even though you did not cause them any harm.

Your skin color — the color of the potential victim. It — the end of life and the beginning of survival. At best, your future — hopeless deadlock.

Successful is the "democratization" of society, when equal rights are Russian and strangers, syphilis and healthy, the criminals and honest citizens, prostitutes and mothers of large families, "thieves in law" and the officials and workers of the parasites, drug traffickers and their victims, and t . etc.

A duty to plow, to sow, to serve in the army, to die for their country laid mainly in Russian.

Currently, each year the Russian population decreased by 1 million people. Russian peasants in Central Russia drunk, dead. Dramatically decreases fertility. In Russia, the genocide of the Russian people on the basis of democracy.

"GENOCIDE — one of the worst crimes against humanity, extermination of certain groups on racial, national, ethnic or religious lines, as well as the intentional infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the destruction of these groups, as well as measures to prevent births within their environment. "

As you can see, all the actions of the Russian authorities fall under the definition of genocide of the Russian people.

Policy to protect the interests of anyone's, but not in Russia and the Russian people. Russophobia propaganda poisons the minds of impunity deftly filed slander, if any Russian patriot necessarily anti-Semitic, the Black Hundreds and even fascist.

The word "patriot" media disinformation made abusive. TV to the atmosphere of immorality, greed, violence, pornography and moral degradation of the people. The fight with the Zionists and Russophobes Russian people began to see clearly growing, hardened, acquiring new forms.

The question of who is to blame for the troubles of Russia, many politicians are responsible for substantially the same. Some call the Dark Force — "Global Predictor", others — a "world government", the purpose of which — world domination.

And the way to achieve this power is the Jewish people, scattered throughout the world. A mechanism for actuating the screws all aggression is a "Jewish-Masonic conspiracy" synagogue.

Formulated simple questions about the causes of genocide of the Russian people actually lead away from the main answer, the content of which is beyond Russia and even beyond the planet Earth.

Runic studying our heritage, ancient wisdom given to us in the Vedas, we can definitely reveal the destruction of white people on the ground and in Russia in particular.

Where in the minds of some of the humans appeared misanthropic ideas, striving for world domination?

This is not just some kind of confrontation between the two social systems, or the struggle of good and bad people, not just a "Jewish-Masonic conspiracy" of the Jewish elite, not just the machinations of some "dark" priests.

All that is happening with Russia, with its Russian people, as well as other Slavic countries and their peoples, is the continuation of the struggle of the Dark Forces of World Pekelnogo with light from the World of Gods are right.

This similarity in the explicit world of the processes that take place on the divine level. Darkness — is a measure corresponds to the ten thousands. There are ten thousand lands, which set the rules of life Dark Worlds.

The rulers of the Dark Worlds are Koschei and have his army of demons — baser nature Pekelnogo World.

This realization will rise of a Russian man in his outlook for the highest level of recognition and provide a common methodological platform of all events in the world, regardless of the time and scale.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Great Race Births defines a hierarchy of rulers of the Dark Forces of Pekelnogo World: Princes of Darkness, Koschei, Arlegi dark, dark Leahy.

On Earth, the world's Reveal, the hierarchy of the Dark Forces follows: Koschei is the master of "gray." "Grey" by mondealistov (World Government) run by Jews.

The latter are the usual cannon fodder, which throws their rulers in the fire of war and the blown-inspired pogroms without the slightest regret. In return, the Jews are good things of life by robbing other nations. Have a common spiritual foundation — Judaism.

Clans of the scriptures of the Great Race

"Santee Perun Veda", "White Way" reads to us:

"Strangers zaryatsya all foreign, not theirs. All thoughts are about the power of all the Worlds, the seizure of the assets of Light and creations of the Worlds. Servants of the World of Darkness believe that only they shall enjoy all the worlds, koi created God the Creator. Strangers goal to disturb the harmony prevailing in the world of light, and to destroy the white people. Because only they can give a fitting rebuff to the forces of darkness in the world to keep it from looting and destruction.

Dark Forces attract wealth and subsoil. Therefore, they leave their Sunshine and seek in those worlds are bright, where the bowels are filled with earthly riches, and the people there lies and deception tasted.

On Earth flowering aliens secretly arrive. Using lies and flattery, penetrate into the confidence of residents. Once people gain confidence, begin to comprehend their ancient heritage. Learn all you can be a possession it to your advantage to interpret the start, declaring themselves the messengers of God.

All dark worlds are not pleasing to the foundations on which all live born in the world. White does not like them the way of the spiritual ascent, and the envy of all eyes dwarfs.

They are hard and tight in Pekelnom world where greed and malice legalized everywhere, where there is no love, prosperity, happiness, only self-interest, but for profit endeavor. Desire of others, deception and debauchery — the only sense Pekelnoy life. They believe his wealth of reliable support, and build their world on wealth.

Strangers, especially, tend to teach the children of men to greed (introduced private property and people away from spirituality), because Greed destroys cognition (person starts to think, how to keep the property, and thus his knowledge develops within its activities. Manage human consciousness a religion.)

When Knowledge killed — Shame dies (the death of a person starts learning guided by their gut instincts and feelings. Man thinks only of himself, to satisfy their needs. This causes him to ignore the relatives, and especially for foreign people. All based on the desire of others.)

Shame when killed, oppressed Truth (the person starts to enter into a transaction with a conscience, to do things that benefit only to him), the loss of truth and happiness dies (inner peace of soul).

Happiness is when killed (the person is in such a state that no one understands and he does not want to understand others) — A man is killed (person becomes dependent on those in whose hands are concentrated the money), and if the person dies, then all the wealth of his free obsess Strangers (World Government through the Jews.)

Using cunning and vicious Acts, they turned away from the young wisdom of the ancestors. In idle idleness teach them how to live, not to comply with his father's tradition. People lose their minds the faint of heart, or under the authority of Strangers fall, others are in the desire of acquiring the outsider going into the service.

Misfortune of lost people is worse than death. Losing his mind, people are committing violent acts until the violation is vitally Commandments (Laws RITA).

Strangers on Earth set against one nation to another, urging them to war, that they were killing each other for the possession of worldly opulence. So in the bright worlds were born strife and war.

Millions of lives carry bezsmyslenno war in favor of the wishes of the stranger, for the more wars and deaths among the children of men, the more wealth gain messengers World of Darkness. Property at the end of war always gets stranger.

After the end of the war, the balance of living people and deprive them of irradiated consciousness and will. People on the orders of alien enemies wealth extracted from the subsoil. When, in the Land of wealth remains, and mineral resources account for all to the limit, then take out all the gate of that on Earth, produced, and all people are destroyed.

And with whom Lands ostracized by foreigners, they were sent back Fache Destroyer (nuclear bombs) and destroy the Earth.

Similarly, many of the Earth of alien gate of flowering turned to dust, the blood shed innocent creatures, never spared neither small nor old.

The sad fate Troary that Constellation Rada Worlds lit up. Troara now deserted, without life. The ashes of fires is seven fathoms. The same way, the sad, sad you can see in Rutte-Earth, in the constellation shone before Makos. Throughout the sanctuary, and the ruins of the Great City Porush flames strong.

No more life in the land without the Sun, there are no plants, no birds, no animals. Wind is only ashes in the valleys of the gorge and falls asleep. Fache Destroyer vaporized river, sea, and sky filled with dark clouds, through the impenetrable stench light beam does not pass and life will not return to that world ever. "

And now for a similar scenario, the aggression of the Dark Forces are in our solar system on Earth.

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