Ales Bialiatski: While we are on the loose, we will carry out advocacy functions

In the Minsk office of the Human Rights Centre "Viasna" was searched on Monday. Later searches were conducted in the country with human rights activist Ales Bialiatski and the apartment where his family lives.

Ales Bialiatski Monday was the guest of the "Night of Freedom: the results of the day."

Bialiatski: After, as we came in search of the office and took out the laptop, as well as some old paper, a person who conducted the search (Alexander Mackiewicz — he's the one with the whole team adrekamendavavsya) announced that we were going in for questioning by the KGB, but in fact the car went on my cottage. Phone I had been switched off, and report it had no chance.

When we came to the country, there have been witnesses and again there was a resolution for the next search, and this lasted for a search in the country two and a half hours.

In parallel, about 9:00 pm and began a search of the apartment, where my wife and son. Thus, today I was searched from head to toe. As a result of the searches took only old papers — documents that have attitude to human rights work three years ago. Nothing of what they were interested in the case on December 19 has been found.

I think they are not much disappointed, because too and did not expect to find anything. The main task — not those who are looking for because they are just doing the task, and those who put them to the task — was, I think, is all the same to disrupt the work of the Human Rights Centre "Viasna", information work, which we perform, and work to help the victims of political repression. They will not succeed to the extent as they had planned, so as long as we ourselves are on the loose, we will honor its human rights functions.

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