Today, "Vecherka" publishes authentic histories of our reader Alexei Meshin. In his letter, he "swore" that everything described was in fact, and we believe, therefore, would like to invite members of our competition "for real men" to be held in conjunction with the publishing of the "wings" to the editor of a gift.

You want — Believe it — do not believe

One can endlessly look at the water, fire and stars, especially in August, when the meteor shower begins. At this point, some of the poets are born, others — Ziolkowski. Of course, both are needed for this sinful earth.

Who would then have "carried away" in the space provided and "made" on Mars apple blossom. Man has long aspired to the stars, once realized that he wanted to fly like a bird, then conquer the universe, and finally fly to the sun itself.

In these dreams he had dreamed to meet their own kind, intelligent, kind and very intelligent creatures. These dreams were not born in a vacuum. Indirect and mediated life was different, bright and very hard to explain in terms of earthlings, facts that can not be overlooked, do not recognize, so they are called UFOs.

About forty years ago the official science and the government does not recognize their existence. The official "explanation" is usually given as follows: in this place just tested a new missile, or northern lights scattered patches of light, and people took them for flying balls, or were themselves to blame people — some with a hangover and who is not a healthy psyche. Those who swore they had in mind and sanity, and continued to prove their case, just do not listen.

In autumn 1975 over Kyshtym and directly above the "Mayak" hung two plates, changing the height and direction, as it scanned the surface, and after twenty minutes gone, swaying and immediately dialed escape velocity.

Exactly the same phenomenon has been observed over the Miass days later, to be exact — on the rocket center named VP Makeev. In the Regional Party Committee, Executive Committee poured hundreds of calls demanding to explain what is happening.

It was impossible to hold back — too many witnesses. After three days, "Chelyabinsk Worker", the official organ of power, clarified: there and there were tested.

What tests, who spent the goal of — the answers to these questions were not.
But all the same I'll tell you an incredible story that happened to a friend of mine, and you can believe or not.

They were friends

A few words about the hero. Mikhail I. Zvagelsky, thirty years old, a young scholar, he graduated with honors from the SIP, to the department of instrumentation, in a few years became a candidate of technical sciences, had a few inventions and patents.

Everything about him was good: beautiful wife, a son, a child prodigy — playing the violin speaks English. But Misha was still the pride black terrier Sam. In Chelyabinsk, he was a winner all the exhibitions.

Powerful, beautiful, smart — the elite, as was written in the dog passport. Medals — iconostasis. It was known all over the city and the Ural region. Mind went to the dog owner.

We met as breeders. I at that time was the German Shepherd Dog Alba. Also elite. Daughter spoke to her as a girlfriend, that she reciprocated. Sam became friends with Alba.

If we go out for a walk in the evening on a vacant lot (now located here CSU, and was formerly a shrub, rare trees and large clearing), then Sam, scenting Alba, Misha pulled hard, and it was impossible to keep.

It was interesting to watch them on the part of the dog's affection. Sam necessarily lick Alba in the face, she shyly turns away and invite him to play catch-up.

First, he had to catch up with her, but Sam is heavy, and he could not catch up with her. Then slow down the progress of Alba, Sam caught up with her, and the battle began.

Sam ran away after a fight, Alba catch up. Then, tired and happy, they went there and just looked at each other slyly, watching us. We knew their habits, and did not look that way.

That's how the meeting

In this cloudy autumn evening idyll dog and our conversation was interrupted unexpectedly. Misha nudged me and asked,
— Vassilich what's this figovina?

I looked up and saw the gray sky a bright object, which is rapidly approaching us. It was a plate diameter of 20 meters, a height of 3 meters — 4.

When she hung a hundred meters from the ground, then immediately changed color from bright white to blue has become reddish. Clearly stood out portholes.

Suddenly, at the bottom of the hatch opened, and the shaft of light was gradually lowered to the ground, as if the telescope was put forward. We were stunned and did not move.

The whole body was paralyzed, but the head is working. Fear gripped the will and sat down deep in his soul. Dogs with whining huddled at his feet. In this light poles, both rescue sleeve, down two small figures and headed in our direction.

They did not go as well as it hovered above the ground. When approached by 10 meters, I clearly heard a metallic voice that said calmly:

— Do not be afraid of us, we bring you harm. We have come to meet you and welcome you aboard.

After these words, they gently under the elbows and Misha took the same way to transport it on a plate. In my eyes shaft of light was involved on an alien ship, and it instantly disappeared in the sky.

I came to, perhaps, after 10 minutes — 15. Dogs I was taken out of his stupor. Particularly worrying was Sam. He looked me in the eyes, cheeks, looking for the owner.

I was shocked and confused, not knowing what to do, where to go, how to say, Svetlana (wife, friend) about the disappearance of her husband. Who would believe me if I tell the truth! At this point, again clearly as a team, heard the metallic voice:

— Do nothing, wait!

He looked around: there is nobody around. I wanted to go — foot cotton, do not listen. Exhausted and devastated sat on a tree stump. How much time has passed, I do not know. I looked at the clock — they're worth. Suddenly, out of the bushes Bear and shouts

— Well, what are you seated — to spend the night together, or what? Sam, come here!
— Where have you been?
— Yes on small need departed. Well dispersed, until tomorrow.

Bear with Sam gone, as if nothing had happened, I went home. Up to 10 minutes of my house — 15. When I came home, looked at my watch: it was ten o'clock fifteen minutes.

So Bear flew with the aliens for an hour. What happened to him, why did he pretend that nothing happened, why I lied about the "small need?" That's all I learned later.

The next day, hoping to learn the truth, I was in a hurry to Alba on wasteland. But Misha with Sam we have not met. Later came the Light and explained that Michael was ill.

Not in vain anxiety

A week passed before we met up with a friend. I did not recognize him. He lost weight in the eyes of concern. Without any preliminaries, he began:

— Do you remember that night when I was gone?
— Of course, just do not understand why you have me trying to hide their presence on a UFO?

— The fact that they are erased from the memory location where mine and even time "compressed", and when the bushes have returned, then all looked natural. And I myself felt like I just walked away for five minutes.

You were a witness to you and tell you. While I was "led", I knew that was happening to me, but deadly fear bound will. Once hit the inside, the light in my eyes faded.

When he awoke, I found myself lying on a long white table. Walk around the little people. Look at me, discussing something. These "people" looked strange eyes were round, look smart and piercing, ears, nose, mouth, lower than that of men. The head is large.

They were all dressed in white and very elegant. One of them, it seemed to me that he was a senior, came up to me without opening his mouth, and asked how I was feeling, and put his hand on his forehead.

I immediately stopped being afraid. Curiosity is the inventor in me has not died, and I asked the strangers to introduce me to the ship. I was told that the ship is a contact who studies the Earth, and the chief is in space.

I am interested in the propulsion system, power supplies, but the newcomers given to understand that in the world, these engines are not in use. However, I found the cockpit with two horizontal seating — I saw a panel with levers and buttons.

Then the elder came up to me and started to say goodbye, hands clasped, as do the Hindus. Others repeated the gesture. He put his hand on my back and said that they never cause harm to earthlings. After that I was in the bush, where you and I see.

Alien gift

I looked at him like an alien trying to understand how it is healthy. He caught my thought:
— Calm down, I'm fine, but there are some changes.
— Did you mean?

— You know the head of our department Tartischeva Alexander Ilyich (the name is changed. — Ed.)?
— Its all know, the famous scientist, an honorary citizen of the city.

— That's it. He had to fly to Moscow for a meeting. Before leaving I see the dream plane on which he has to fly falls into a catastrophe. In the morning I was — to him and strongly recommend to go by train, and then the weather is bad, the plane will not fly.

He's a little poartachilsya and went by train, and that plane crashed near Ufa. Now I know who, where, what will happen. Became anticipate. Look, it's painful, even lost weight.

Here I am, for example, a month later transferred to a Makeev Design Bureau in Miass. I do not know how to tell the family. I have a favor to ask you: do you say nothing to anyone, they will not believe, and I do not want to swear in front of someone and make excuses.

I nodded his head. Indeed, a month Zvagelsky was appointed by Moscow in Rocket Center. There he made not one invention was awarded the State Prize, the Order of Lenin.

His main valued and respected for the originality of thought and scientific prediction. After the death of the chief, in the same year was Michael, who carried with him the secret of contact with aliens.

According to his wife, he was persecuted headaches, often he would go to, but at night talking with someone. When she tried to find out what was happening, he explained the "bad dreams."

I do it all the time to keep his word to another, and said nothing, even while drunk. Now I think he is not much for me to be offended that I told you this unusual story.

Prepared by Marina KUDRYaShOVA
Collage Ludmila MANURINOY

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