All these voices — hallucinations!

Sometimes we go outwardly normal people who suddenly start talking about himself extraordinary things. One of the visitors, for example, some voices are heard dictating important information. Another annoying invisible "musicians": their concerts sound in his poor head …

Leading issue "unknown world" actually is sympathetic to such visitors. Their appearance is often preceded solar flares, which are known to affect people with unstable mentality. And as the regional center of Mental Health is located adjacent to the formulation, patients of a psychiatrist, and sometimes drop to us.

Official psychiatry these "voices" treats unequivocally: hallucinations! But a "voice", for example, dictated our great compatriot E. Blavatsky amazing books. His "Rose of the world," another of our outstanding compatriot Daniel Andreev also wrote, is in some trance. And he was the "voice"!

What is most surprising, the "voice" sometimes gets quite realistic explanation. In psychiatry, the 30-ies famous such case. To the doctor patient, who was suddenly hear "inside the head" music and different voices. Psychiatrist quickly able to establish that the patient "hears" the transfer of a powerful local radio station, and it started after her visit to the dentist, when the seal were crystal silicon carbide, has worked as a detector of radio waves.

On another unusual case of the newspaper reported "UFO." Literature teacher from St. Petersburg, NV Yakushev was suddenly heard in the music! It's always been the classical works by Beethoven, Bach, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky. Sometimes the "concert" is suddenly interrupted, and then just as suddenly resumed. But the most curious thing was that the "concert" to hear other people, if pressed his ear to ear Natalia! Well, not a madhouse?

Here is what a researcher unknown Oleg Radin: "We decided that in the head Natalia sounds one of St. Petersburg radio station. As you know, a crystal set that has an antenna (in this case it is the role of the human body) will run louder if it is connected to another and ground. Result ground Natalia turned the opposite — "transfer" has disappeared! However, the woman was very happy — we accidentally "suggested" to her the simplest way to turn off the music boring. then, doing their work or going to bed, she "was grounded" through the water tap battery or steam heating.

The teacher agreed to participate in our further experiments. In one of the radio organizations was well shielded from radio waves all metal camera. We've put it Natalia. When she came in, the music became much quieter, and when the door closed — completely gone!

And although we did not manage to solve the nature of the phenomenon, one was clear — to psychiatry this case had nothing to do. In the future, "the music in my ears," the woman gradually became quieter, and a year later, and disappeared completely … "

Perm psychiatrist GP Merganser, studied this and similar phenomena have guessed, how you hear what they hear his patients. He inserted a tube of stethoscope in his ears patients, and the other ends of the tubes were in his ears. And what do you think? He heard what they heard!

It was found that if a patient is placed in a shielded room, no "votes," he does not hear. It's kind of like watching shows that auditory hallucinations may be "internal imaginary subjective factor", but something quite realistic coming from outside.

Of UFO literature that such experiments were in Italy. GP Krokhalev spoke about it quite clearly: hallucinations can come from the outside!

Some researchers believe that this expresses a subtle or otherwise, the astral world. Other researchers believe that the GP Krokhalev violated the purity of the experiment and may have received invalid data. A third mysterious smile and twist a finger to his temple.

So pick and choose what company you want to be …

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