Allow parents to take care of Irina Khalip grandchildren Danica?

Mother journalist Irina Khalip Lucyna Y. Belzatskaya prepared all the necessary documents for registration of medical care over their 3-year-old grandson Danik. Draw up care needed, as Khalip and Andrei Sannikov behind bars. The fate of the boy days to decide the state education authorities.

Medical Commission for the right to custody of her grandson Lucyna Belzatskaya held together with Danica — the boy did not have references, that it does not tolerate AIDS and other such diseases, says Lucyna Y.:

"We have handed over to him such tests: blood taken from a vein in the boy AIDS gepatyt and syphilis. And then it turned out that the clinic is not yet a specialist — a psychiatrist, and I had to take him to Uruchcha to pass even a psychiatrist. I took a survey, which is not a drug addict, not alkagalitsa I incapacity. Some tests are held for silly — all this has passed, and now pray that all was well. "

To legalize the custody of the boy to his parents' house to examine a special state commission, which will decide all the necessary conditions for the child's residence. Danica grandfather, the father of Irene, the playwright Vladimir Khalip has certain expectations on the final result:

Vladimir Khalip

"Is it possible to give any predictions, they will consider the paper and the question? Nor will any call from somewhere — and it will all be canceled. If the country is not the law, then what can be said in general, and what can be I expect? We will protect and Danko we do everything possible to keep him with us, and nothing bad happened. "

The procedure for registration of legal custody of a minor is designed in such a way that the unexpected can happen at the most unexpected moments, said a member of the human rights organization "Belarusian Helsinki Committee" Tatiana Protko:

"The State Commission shall determine the conditions for the child's residence. Here fancy education officials are limited by nothing. And another situation in the case of Irina Khalip and Andrei Sannikov. We've got a decree number 18, according to which, when the state takes custody of the child, then charge money for it with their parents. And if the state will pay the money for the Danica, it is not whether the money collected from the Irina and Andrei? Such situation was not. But the danger of this is. "

The State Commission on the issue of custody of 3-year-old Danica visit the apartment of Irina Khalip and Andrei Sannikov on Tuesday, January 18. The decision about custody of the boy would be taken before the end of this month.



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