Already the weekend 15-16 January

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

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…with prayasnennyami. The roads are icy in places. Temperature: -12 — 3 C.

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January 15

Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life invites you to a holiday "Shchedrets." Starts at 13:00.

January 16

"Too old for rock, too young to die" — a joint concert of "September" and "Maddy Daddy Band" (Louisiana blues)'s birthday vocalist "September" by Olga Akulich. Manor "Good thoughts", beginning at 19.00.


January 15

In Warsaw, the Polish-Belarusian starts music marathon titled "Culture against the dictatorship." It is organized by Polish Radio.

January 15-16

The envoys of the IAEA plan to visit Iran's nuclear facilities.

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in Greece and Cyprus.

January 16

In the Concert Hall of the Polish Radio "S1" will be a gala concert in the framework of the project "Culture against the dictatorship." The concert will be able to get about half a thousand people. All proceeds from the concert will be directed version of the independent newspaper "Nasha Niva", in the office that KGB officers searched, was confiscated office equipment.


January 15

  • In 1946, in Minsk, the trial of war criminals, the German army. 14 Nazi generals and officers were sentenced to death. The sentence executed on January 30.
  • In 1994, U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Minsk.

January 16

  • In 1919, two weeks after the announcement of the Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Belarus territory was drastically reduced in favor of the Russian Federation. In the RSFSR were seized Vitebsk, Mogilev and Smolensk provinces.
  • In 1920, America entered into force on 18 th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. Since the United States began the famous Prohibition.

There is a reason:

January 15 — Birthday Wikipedia. On this day in 2001, two Americans, Larry Sanger and Jimmy Veyls, have opened a website with this name.

January 16 — Day of solidarity with the families of the disappeared and repressed.

MINUS 365:

Vitebsk State media molded from Kovalenko antihero

Minsk held a rally of solidarity

Quote to remember:

Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live from day to day solely on rations and water.

W. C. Fields, American actor and comedian

Prohibition is better than no vodka.

Why they will not accept the amendments to the Constitution which would prohibit all learn something? If this amendment is earned just as that regarding Prohibition, in five years Americans would be the most brainy people on earth.

Will Rozherz, American humorist

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