American scientists have come up with an amplifier of


Jeffrey Olsen, a scientist from the University of Colorado Hospital has created a new method — the enhancement of light that reaches the retina, using the still-functioning light-sensitive cells of the eye.

According to the scientist, the light can be strengthened by introducing the so-called Quantum dots (nanoscale semiconductors) in the retina. These nanoparticles fluoresce under the influence of photons and can make any submission on the retina the image brighter.

In quantum dots have several advantages: they do not require any external source of energy, much less than the silicon chips may be coated with a biologically active material which will facilitate fusion of semiconductors with certain tissues of the retina.

Tests on rats have shown that this approach works. Rats injected with quantum dots observed brighter electrical activity of the retina than those who received control saline injections or injections were generally reported Globalscience.

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