American surgeons have removed the baby foot in the head


American neurosurgeons during surgery to remove a brain tumor discovered the baby in his head a tiny foot. A survey by imaging in trednevnogo Sam Eskibela was found microscopic brain tumor. This writes the BBC BBC.

However, during an operation to remove it neurosurgeons to his surprise found in the child's head is almost completely formed foot and other vestiges of the feet, hands and thighs.

Such cases are known in the art as "in embryo bud 'when one twin begins to form within the second.

However, as pointed out by doctors from Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs, similar cases, when the formation of one of the twins begins in the mind of another, are extremely rare.

According to the children's neurosurgeon Paul Grebba, otherwise perfectly healthy boy.

The boy's parents — Tiffany and Manuel Eskibel — say they already took the baby home from the hospital.

But now he will need each month to check blood to see if there are new signs of cancer or a tumor. Furthermore, it needs physiotherapy to develop neck.

However, according to the parents, the boy is almost fully recovered after surgery.

The representative of the British charity to fight brain tumors Trevor Lawson believes that this unique event will enrich the science.

"From brain tumors kill more children than other types of cancer. Therefore important research to find out from which they arise," — he said.

"Rare cases such as, for example, with the baby, with the consent of the parents can provide valuable genetic material for studying the origin of such dangerous entities" — said Trevor Lawson.

Recall that such anomalies have occurred. For example, in India, in March the girl was born with two faces. And last year, there had surgery to remove the extra limbs four-armed girl.

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