Andrew pisnya — chalet Sage


Approximately 1130 of the birth of Christ. Veryna whole. Beside the hut Sage.
According to rumors, the former Duchess-pagan, otrinuvshey Christian faith and left in the forest.
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Through the thickets, windbreaks, gullies
Holy Father, which was called Michael
To the Halls of noble witch was getting
He wanted her to turn to faith

But sees in the doorway,
Pretty crooked house
Not terrible evil old woman
A maid in the body ………….
…….. and a beautiful face
And thick, waist-skew.

With persuasion began, inflamed
Well seeing that grain
Does not fall to the ground by the grace
And here he does not grow
The priest turned to curses

Wishing spirit of the witch, break
Koschuny — had called blasphemy
And the dispute rabid eager to win

But … here it is,
… In the end,

Spoke …;

— Man!

Your eyes are filled with anger
You have forgotten how to talk to flexibly
Listen, can not reason
The desire to think — replaces;

K … R E C T!

What gives the illusory power over lyudom
Illusion sinless soul
And thoughts
You — soar in Paradise
Tasting unearthly joy
As thanks
For the suffering in life

The people, whom Vladimir browbeat
Baptize forcibly driven into the river — warriors,
There previously, Perun drowning

So who is who., Baptism illuminated

— Slavs?

Contrary to the will of the Romans in the making
And wisdom eynuyu giving,
A reproach … the Greeks and Normans.

Villages, towns and villages burned
Priests did not open the gate
All dissenters waiting only sword
Blood and death, a road bridge

Sage nervously raging ……..
…………. Hands pulling her hair.

Old priest said, vaguely;

— You're a woman,

So — net!
And gentle hands — shackles!

Only good on you before God saved
A sinner … will get to you in a snare!

— Ecclesiastes! — His words

Sage screamed;

— You … you … quoting him?

And … call it.,
Christian book?
And you knows that this man lived,
Well … before the birth of Christ?

— And the first man — Adam and Eve,

Think so?
Calls his children Your God

— A Sure you as Svarog
He called his children
Over the summer … before?

— So hear their name …

Odinets … AND VIRGO!

Can not see., Parallel?

— Burn in hell you — sorceress
The priest shouted in anger.

— Where, where? — Witch laughed

— In the Old Testament … ADA — NO!
A new people wrote —
Built on lies … your covenant!

Saracens have seen the desert
Full taste of its heat
And in the haze, gave birth to the pan
Boilers., With boiling tar!

— God damn you Hulish seed
And the old man praying fervently read

And was that the psalm

Where King David escaped from Saul
And after all their enemies fought
Lord, as Redeemer, and the rock
He is my shield — the old man whispered

In the face of a hot wind Sage
Blew sincere faith,
This spirit of the old man came,
And the cross …
On skinny, sunken chest,
It seemed …

Radiance as the sun blazed
And before such pressure,
Virgo stepped back …;

— Well — God will judge
but remember Elder
You — the carrier of faith
What originally was alien

Another man will be for us — forever!

— The people with the time to believe in the Cross
In God the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit —
Conviction … priest said.

— Holy Trinity — Pagan whispered;
— We … Svarog
And his son — Shining Dazhdbog
and the Spirit, whose name is … LIGHT!

And here you are, father, repeated
Truly — there is nothing new under the sun
Whereupon the priest retire …

In the palm of your hand slapping, Virgo dissolved
Melted … bluish cloud in the foliage
Together, actually with his hut

— Surely this … all I dreamed
Father took up the cross.,
And the air, thrice blessed the Banner

The forest smelled ………………

Freshly ……

… Grass.

© Copyright: Andrew pisnya, 2011
Certificate publication number 11106196936

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