Andrey Panin. Nedoigrannaya life watch online

Andrey Panin.  Nedoigrannaya life watch online

Andrey Panin did not live, did not finish, did not dolyubil … He died at the take-off career. He acted immediately to 2-pictures, but did not have time to finish them … Andrey Panin never afraid to die …. On the display. A huge amount of time doing it impressively on the first take. Played destruction jokingly easy. And if the rest of the cast because of superstition could abandon similar roles — Andrew Panin did not believe in omens and superstitions actor. After all, it's just a job. Directed utter Cut! — And actor quicken again. March 7, 2013 by Andrey Panin body was found in his apartment at Balaklava prospectus. Life actor suddenly cut short in the most mysterious circumstances. His sudden death has generated a lot of questions: Why did he die? Was this unfortunate incident? Or is to blame for the death of the actor? His family — wife actress Natalia Rogozhkina and two sons live in Cheryomushki. And this apartment for the actor was a kind of refuge. Personal space in which no one was running. The couple was vneglasny contract, when necessary — Andrei closing one in four walls. To relax, come to his senses. After all, again later in the fight, a new survey!

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