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"In the existence of ghosts can not believe — they can either believe or do not know about them," — said the president of the International Association for the Study of anomalous and paranormal phenomena Constantine Shark.

Latvijas anomālo parādību pētnieku Asociacija (LAPPA) there are short — only about one and a half years, but it is an international and brings together scientists, parapsychologists and researchers simply curious fans of all anomalous from countries such as Russia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Canada and the UK. Members of the Association investigate the anomalous zones of their own and neighboring countries, check the accuracy of the local legends, fixed with the help of video and photographic ghosts and UFOs, and then share the results with each other, discuss the findings, collect new expedition and hit the road again — to meet the unknown and mysterious, but not imaginary or non-existent.

President of the Association daugavpilchanin Constantine Shark told readers of the newspaper "Now" on the latest research of their colleagues, their perception of the paranormal and described the most favorite place of UFOs near Daugavpils.

LET crawl these ghosts …
Of the last expeditions Daugavpilssky Ghostbusters — a trip to Vilnius on the street. Antakalnio, 25, where there is an abandoned house that is raging in full poltergeist. This former laundry room, a military hospital, and, as the story goes, there was supposedly secret basement where after the war were carried out experiments on children. It was the children's faces ghosts group Constantine managed to capture quite clearly in the photo. They piled up in one of the windows of the building and, by continually wafting knocks from the second floor of the building (staircase to the second floor is destroyed long ago), they have now chosen the top floor of the building instead of the basement, where they were once bullied. And here are all the time. Why? This question can not be answered without defining the outset that there is a ghost.

— Ghost — the soul, its imprint or a phantom that was left on the ground. In fact, it is the soul, "stuck" in our world, who for some reason can not go upstairs. The reasons may be different. Typically, these are people who have committed during the life of a lot of bad behavior, and suicide or people who died a martyr's death. These souls are tied to a particular place and live there permanently. Another thing is that they are not always shown on the physical plane. So there is no — one sees ghosts, and some do not. Just someone they are shown, and some do not, — says Konstantin.

Research has numerous Latvian castles LAPPA somehow not engaged. Constantine motivated by the simple phrase: "Well, what is there crawling these ghosts, well, let them crawl …", implying that the ghosts in castles — it is a matter of course. Members of the Association are looking for something a little more unusual.

His first ghost Constantine saw 5-6 years ago and the question "Do you believe in ghosts before?" Says: — In this case, the faith — a concept totally stupid. How can you believe or not to believe in ghosts? Any fact should be supported by something, faith must be based on something. If I can not explain something, then it follows that I can not let the fact that it exists. So Haunted: either "believe," and I can not explain, or simply "do not know".

I think that we alone in the world — a naive
In addition to hunting for ghosts of all the researchers involved in the abnormal and testing in practice, for example, the well-known medicinal properties of natural objects in Latvia. For example, members LAPPA own experience have established the power sources in Kevele (Dobelsky district). Local landscapes reminiscent of the most popular types of poluskazochnye Hollywood creations like "The Lord of the Rings" and the water of the famous Latvian sources and really magical.

— Wash my face with water from this source tired eyes, and they are not hurt, — says Konstantin.

Possess healing powers and the famous Latvian boulders like the Big Nitsgalsky stone. Regularly visiting these stones (the former ritual), people recover from depression and psychological disorders. But researchers in the famous expedition Pokaini forest (near Dobel) showed that all the forest attributed magical and mystical properties — no more than a marketing move. The picture is picturesque, but the local "ghost hunters" have not detected any anomalies.

Indispensable helpers in the work of the members LAPPA are the various physical devices, and simple photo and video cameras. The technique is very well captures the anomalies that have recently proved another trip to Estonia, where a seaside resort area under one of the buildings is a flying saucer. Technique is shown a variety of backgrounds and gamma radiation, and the analysis of metal from which made the UFO in the Soviet era showed an inexplicable: these alloys, which made flying saucer, do not exist in nature on planet Earth! Pictures taken outside of this building, as are full of evidence of anomalies and confusing reflections like someone's burning eyes.

— Flying plate, of course, do not necessarily have a circular shape. There is good evidence of UFOs in the form of a cigar and triangle. Who are they and where from? I think that most of the flies from parallel worlds, and the other part — of other universes. It is very naive to think that we are alone in this world and our universe — the only one — shares his knowledge of the president LAPPA.

AGLONA "sucks" the people in the funnel
Speaking of the anomalous zones of Latvia, Konstantin identifies three: Aglona and north, north-east of Daugavpils district; district in Vidzeme between three cities — Sigulda, Cesis and Valmiera, as well as places around the Lielupe, near the seaside. In Aglona team of researchers traveled to a strange place near the lake, where people disappear. According to Constantine, the place zhutchayshim. When you are there, you do not leave the state of the nervous trembling and anxiety.

— I have the feeling that there, like a funnel. Or maybe open a portal. Whatever it was, the feeling is so severe that we did not want to go back there and explore this place — says our source.

Speaking specifically about the Daugavpils region, the researchers anomalies suggest the following places especially frequent UFO sightings: Zalyumi, Naujene, Lotsiki and Vishki. On why frisbees fly it there, we can only guess. And Constantine, like ufologist with the experience, of course, has its own views on this matter.

— It is believed that UFOs often appear where before there were military bases. Another assumption says that they are fueled by power plants. But, I repeat, this is just a guess fragile — reflects K.Akula.

Speaking of "UFO", Konstantin sure that it is a UFO, because at the core of every suspicion of the presence in the locality of an unidentified flying object Daugavpils ufologists check the location of the satellites, figure out whether it could be a plane or other object. It is only when there is no doubt, a verdict: are visitors from other worlds to us flew.

In general, Constantine Shark sure that the contacts with the aliens and otherworldly worlds have long been established in the powerful, and only the common people while kept in the dark. But not for long.

— Soon, ending the era of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius begins. This is a very important moment, so there are very few wait until the aliens from other worlds openly come out with us on the contact, — said the leader of the research of local anomalies.


Author: "Now"

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