Apocalypse is near: Earths magnetic poles loses


The weakening of Earth's magnetic field, which is observed in recent times, can lead to the development of events on the apocalyptic scenario on the planet.

Geomagnetic field


If you believe the Mayan calendar deciphering American geologist Gregg Braden, in 2012, the world may come a global change: solar activity reaches its peak, and this phenomenon, together with the weakening of Earth's magnetic field can lead to a change in the electromagnetic fields. This writes the Italian newspaper La Stampa (translation of the article leads inopressa.ru). The rotation of the Earth will stop to resume in the opposite direction. There may come a planetary crisis with earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

However, although the intensity of the electromagnetic field at the present time is actually reduced, periods of growth and decline observed throughout the existence of the Earth, scientists said the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. Despite the fact that the inversion does occur, it could face increased levels of radiation in the equatorial and middle zones, but experts believe that in 2012, humanity will not disappear from the face of the Earth.

The above description of a global catastrophe is extremely similar to the description of the End Times in the Muslim tradition. It must be noted that the recorded 1,400 years ago, at the dawn of Islam, the information about the fate of all life on Earth, taking into account the current level of development of science seem explainable scientific and incredibly real. Of course, this is only a theory, and the exact time of the start of a global catastrophe humanity will never know, but certainly this information to change the electromagnetic poles of the Earth is worth considering.

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