Arab League proposal for issuance of peacekeepers Syria rejected

Arab League proposal for issuance of peacekeepers Syria rejectedOfficial Damascus has rejected the Arab League initiative (Arab League countries) aimed at ending the confrontation in Syria, which lasts for 11 months, reports "Interfax". The resolution, which was adopted at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the League in Cairo called for the commissioning of a joint peacekeeping contingent of Arab States and the UN in Syria.

League also announced the development of relations with the rebels and diplomatically to stop all contacts with the Syrian authorities.

In response, Yousef Ahmad, permanent representative Syria the League, said that the Arab countries after the failed UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on Syria, "are in a state of hysteria."

Recently the Arab League held an emergency meeting at the level of foreign ministers in Cairo on behind closed doors. On the agenda was a day or just one question — the situation in Syria, where clashes between opposition forces and the Assad regime is more than 10 months.

December 26, 2011 League send observers to Syria after it was signed by the Syrian-Arab protocol the admission of observers to the country. January 23 at a meeting in the Egyptian capital League extended the mandate for a month observer mission and promised to expand its capacity. Government Syria agreed with this decision. Later League Arab countries stopped the work of the mission, as the increased level of violence in the country. According to the UN, the death toll in clashes over 5 thousand people.

Our homeland and China on February 4 at a meeting of the UN Security Council used its veto power in the vote on the draft resolution on Syria presented by the delegation of Morocco. The document foresaw the use of sanctions against the Assad regime.

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